Monday, August 2, 2010

How does my garden grow?

You should really need a license to buy/plant flowers, I've decided.  I am a hazard to these things and it's just plain irresponsible of Lowe's or anyone else to trust me with their annuals.  I won't even put up the pics of my poor, sad, BROWN, and drying-up plants.  I'm trying to revive them though.  I guess I just got lazy.  Each day it rained last week, I thought "hey!  now I don't have to water my plants!"  Apparently, this was the wrong thing to think.

Now my garden is something different.  It's a tiny little square foot garden that I started this year.  I built the frame BY MYSELF, filled it with dirt & cow poop, planted stuff, and basically ignored it for a month or so.  It went absolutely nuts!  Yesterday I took down the plastic chicken wire fence I'd put around it, realizing that it was more of a hinderance than a help at this point.  You should have seen it "before."  It was almost stressing me out,  just a huge massive jumble of green.  Cucumber vines everywhere, tomato plants sprawling out all over the really didn't look good.  But at least it was still green.

So here is my garden AFTER cleaning it up a bit (you get no "before" pics today), re-staking the tomatoes and untangling the cucumbers from the poor, bullied pepper plants...

Yes, I took this picture through my window.  I was still in my pj's.  Believe it or not, what you see is a vast improvement!  Oh, and pay no attention to my neighbor's perfectly landscaped, thriving and blooming patio.  It's hard living next to Susie Greenthumb when you're...well, me. 

And just look at what I found, once I was able to see...

Larry the cucumber x 3!  I can't believe my garden actually produced these perfectly beautiful things! 

So I'm pretty excited now that I am starting to get results.  There are a ton of little green tomatoes just waiting to turn red & yellow, and I even saw a baby pepper that looks promising.  My herbs are pathetic this year though.  Oh well.  It's just that I really need some dill for pickles.  And this summer without basil has been a big bummer.  Not to complain.  

So that's my gardening post.  Treasure it; there probably won't be another one!  I would just really rather talk about things like the big box of fabric I just got in the mail, or the a-dor-a-ble dress I just made for Abby...!!!


  1. wow, i am so jealous! i would love to be able to grow a garden with veggies and herbs in my yard, but the evil asshole neighborhood squirrels and bunnies would surely team up to sabotage me. jerks.

  2. You did better than me......don't tell anyone!