Monday, May 31, 2010

How many times can I use the phrase "super cute?"

Oh my, how I love this bag.  I am going to need to make, like, a bunch more.  Starting with one for my own super-cute 6 year old.

It's kind of a composite from a couple of different super-cute tutorials, plus a little of my own tweaking.  I made it for a friend's daughter, who is super-adorable (that counts), turning 5, and loves zebra print.  Unfortunately for me, the only zebra print I have in my stash is this slippery stuff that frays like crazy and is really hard to work with.  But I made it work.  Not having a serger, I did a zigzag down each inside seam to "finish" it and keep the fraying at bay.  I hope that works!  It's lined with the slippery zebra fabric, and the super-cute outer fabric, which I totally love, was a remnant from Jo-Ann's.  Gotta love the remnant bin! I really wanted that stripey thing to be a ruffle, but I cannot explain how much of a pain that fabric was.  I didn't want to turn this into a bigger project that it needed to I bagged it.  (Sorry!  My new favorite joke.  Yes, I know it's not that funny.) But in the end, I actually really like the juxtaposition (big word) of the cotton & the silky fabrics.  And I love the contrast of the colors - super-cute!

Doesn't it look great with my cat?  I think she needs one like this. 

entered in...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Teacher gifts

Just really quick because it's 8:22 and I have to still get dressed and take Nollie to his last day of preschool - in 20 minutes - but I'm excited about his teachers' gifts this year!

Simple canvas tote bags - I think they will like them!  I wish I'd used a pattern instead of the denim, but oh well. 

I really love the green paisley one!  They could both (esp. the denim one) use a ruffle or trim of some kind, but I was up tooooooooo late doing these things, and decided to bag it.  (ha ha!  pun intended!)  The biggest challenge of this project was trying to find a place to photograph the bags that didn't show a whole bunch of mess in the background.  NOT that I'm a messy person, but we're getting ready for a yard sale tomorrow and the whole place is torn apart...will put it back together today. 

But back to the bags.  I used Wonder Under for the appliques.  I hope it holds.  I hope I wasn't supposed to sew it.  I just didn't have time, or the will to stay up any later.  Now I'm kicking myself...maybe I should have.  SIGH.  Oh well. 

Maybe I can quick get dressed and quick sew around these birdies...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Making me happy!

Things that are making me happy this week:

1. I'm done with my May "Sew 12" quota.  (Not that I feel the need to stop or anything, I'm just saying)  And it feels goooooood.  I got some more stuff today that I have in mind for sewing projects.  I found 100 yds of cord (to make cording) for 1.99.  Happy!!!

2. My purple clematis - finally it's looking the way I've always wanted it to look!  I've had it for 4-5 years, and it's always looked scraggly and sad.  Until now!  I can't be sure, but I think the coffee grounds I put around it have made a difference.  
3. My lemon balm.  Not a clue what to do with it, but it looks so full and healthy, giving the illusion of being well cared for by someone with a green thumb (same can go for #2)
 4. ooooh yeah, baby, here I come...
5. This little guy gives me hugs & kisses several times a day
6. I found this for $3.88 on clearance...WOW does it look nice on the wall!  Makes me want to go back and get more of them for other rooms...
7. Possibly my favorite coffee ever.  I do realize that I'm really spoiled!!!  I don't take it for granted!

And here are just a couple of things that are NOT making me very happy.
 *Sigh.*  I have to go.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sew Twelve

Wow, is this right up my alley.  Chickpea Sewing Studio has come up with a "12-step program for tired sewists."  Ha ha!  Yep, that would be me.  Or, more like, distracted, busy, sewing-room-too-messy-to-sew-in-it, too mired in the housework that just renews itself every day anyway....basically I haven't been sewing much lately.  But I want to get back to it. 

Especially after last night's inspiration...I went to a party, one of those where you basically are kind of expected to buy something.  I only went because 1. I wanted to support my good friend; her party didn't look like there would be too many attending...(ha!  The room was full when I got there.)  Well anyway, 2. Our weekend dinner plans were canceled, leaving a bunch of newly freed up/un-budgeted money out there for me to squander...I'm sure Dave Ramsey would have something to say about that.  I hang my head in shame.  ANYWAY,

This "home sales" company is pretty new to J-town; there are only two consultants in our area.  I have a feeling it's going to get a lot more in the coming months...the company is called Thirty-One.  (And their name is a reference to Proverbs 31 - how cool!)  Their bags are borderline luscious.  But it was really hard for me to choose one to get, because every bag I picked up, I kept thinking, pfft.  I could sew that. 

So, why am I not sewing???  Crazy.  So I'm jumping aboard the "Sew Twelve" challenge.  I may have to pro-rate it for the month of May, being half-over already (again, crazy!  where does the time go?) and do 6 days...gotta be realistic here. 

So here's the deal: For 12 months, 12 days a month, I will sew for 1 hour. 

I'm excited to see what happens!

OH and btw, here's the bag I decided on...there's a mile-long list of things I'll be using this for!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Spraypaint is my FRIEND!

Oh dear me.  A church downtown had their annual rummage sale today, and Nolan & I went down for a look.  I'm just feeling kind of giddy thinking about it!  Here we go...

Pair of botanical prints...I got up to the front and asked, because there was no tag.  The lady said, "well since the frames are kind of scratched about 2 for $1.00?"    I don't know what my face looked like when she said that.  But I tried to keep it as nonchalant as I could.  "Sure, that's fine," I said with a shrug.  (!!!!!)
Candlesticks...oh, maybe .25 or .50 each pair.  I kid you not.  They are both destined for a can of spraypaint...and those wooden ones are going to get a good antiquing.  (Wouldn't they be like $50 in the Pottery Barn catalog?)  The top ones (blue matte glass - ugh!), maybe a non-shiny metallic-y something or other...
Necklaces....25 each.  You can't see them too well in the picture.  I can't wait to wear the big chunky wooden beaded one...the other two, maybe I'll wear or maybe I'll take them apart and use the beads. 
Sewing stuff...all those tapes & ric-rac trimmy things were in a bag together...I'm guessing it was a quarter or two. 

There's another church sale tomorrow, you better believe I'm going. 

Is this how the hoarders get their start?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Goodwill scores!

Actually, a combo of Goodwill, Salvation Army, and St. Vincent DePaul.  I love thrift stores, probably because I'm so cheap frugal.  I found a pair of Banana Republic shorts for $5.50 not too long ago.  You would never guess they were from Goodwill.  I don't buy junk, and in my defense, my kids are dressed pretty well...I kinda stay away from clothing for them at these places...well, anyway...a few recent finds from the last week or so:

Finally, we have a globe!  I've always wanted a globe.  I know that sounds funny.  But the kids like it too!  $2.99.
Picture frame - thinking I'll spraypaint it off-white and cover the inside with fabric - like a fabric bulletin board.  It would look great in my sewing/computer/crafting/book storage room!  $1.49.
Beth Moore book (I love Beth Moore, LOVE her!) - I had to beg Greg for this, because he found it and was going to sell it.  I promised him I wouldn't mess it up and he could sell it AFTER I read it.  :)  $1.
Ironstone platters & mother-of-pearl dish...altogether less than $5.  So pretty!
The fabric underneath?  A flat sheet - I think queen-sized.  I measured it and figured that there's about 5.5 yards of 44" fabric in there....$2.99.  That comes to $1.83/yard!   (...right?) 
ETA: I never claimed to be good at math, people.  Even with a calculator.  Make that .55 a yard.  Even better!!!  :)

I've gotten to the point in my life where I look at things and see "yardage."  I've been known to shop in the plus-size muumuu section of Goodwill, looking for yardage.  When I'm rich and famous someday (or just rich, that would be fine too), I'll shop at the quilt shops and buy designer fabrics.  But for now it's Joann Red Tag, and "yardage." 

OH, and this little set for Abby's room....$4.99!
SCORE!  I'm painting it right now, and irritated that it's not covering the strawberry shortcake stuff, even after priming it.  I'm spraypainting it, but I'm probably going to have to bite the bullet and roll - which means more to get out and clean up...but that's OK.  I just need to find some time.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Back in the swing of things

I don't know!  I don't know what happened!  I just kinda...stopped sewing for a while.  I got on my knitting kick (which I'm still on btw), and my poor, sad, neglected sewing machine just sat there.  I guess that happens sometimes! 

Then this weekend, I had a little scare with my new-ish camera.  (I thought I'd ruined it by carelessly and repeatedly tossing it into my purse...there was no picture on the screen...but then I realized there was a googly eye stuck in the lens.  It looked really funny!)  I couldn't find the case that came with it, so out of necessity I made a cute little case...

How cute, right?  And then I was like, hmmmm, well now that I'm here, I guess I could make something else...

So I made this bag for a friend! 
It's a reversible Amy Butler Chelsea Bag (not A.B. fabric...too bad!).  I didn't use any wish that I had, because it's a little floppy, but oh well. I'm pretty tempted to keep it for myself...but I already told my friend that her bag was done, so unless I want to whip up another one by tomorrow (I don't particularly), this is hers.  

SO, now that I'm kinda back at it, I actually do have a bunch of things to do.  I'll do my best not to neglect my little blog in the future.  I have to keep my 3 followers happy!  ha ha....

OH, and by the way, I added a "subscribe" link up at the top.  You can subscribe to this, and you'll get notified whenever there's a new you don't have to 1. keep checking, and/or 2. give up on my site altogether.  Mom, if you're reading this (and I know you are!), you should look into getting a Bloglines account - it is really cool and it would be really useful for you, with your 24 million blogs that you follow. :)