Friday, March 25, 2011

Dear Diary

Just a simple little crafty thing today, so cute!  Abby has started keeping a diary.  :)  How adorable is that?  She asked me to find her one "at the store."  I have no earthly idea where to find an actual diary.  Do they make those anymore?  But as I was scavenging the clearance racks at Michaels earlier this week, I found these super-cute little journals for .50 each.  I restrained myself and didn't buy up every one they had.  I only got three.
yes, I know there are only two here. 

I also couldn't resist these pencils

look at the black ones - they have little blingies on the tops!  .50 a pack.  How could I not?

So I surprised Abby with her own diary (and blingy pencils).  On the front, I wrote "My Diary" in glue and glittered it, because I knew she would just love that.  But the lack of privacy was really getting to her!  So she asked me to put something on it "to keep it from flying open."  (Abby's words)  My first (lazy) thought was, "where are those rubber bands?"    But rubber bands are for flinging.'s the super-secret diary in its unprotected state:

And here's the security system I installed, complete with pencil holder.  At first I tried to glue the ribbon on with little success.  Then I thought, "doofus!  You have a sewing machine." 

Cute, huh?  I think Abby will be pleased.  :)

ETA: not being one to leave well enough alone, I made another little change...

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  1. I would totally write in that!! Now I'm going to have to go to Michaels to scour the clearance stuff! (love those cute blue polka dot pencils!)