Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Highs and Lows: Midweek Edition

...Because it's Wednesday night already, but it feels like yesterday was Saturday, so this sort of counts as a Sunday post, if we go by how I feel and not what's on the calendar...

1. This sounds like an incredibly lame "high," and maybe it is.  DH & I, on Sunday (the REAL Sunday), went to both church AND "Sunday school for grown-ups."  That's what I did all growing up, and it's always felt a little weird to me that we haven't done it since we've been married.  For like, a decade.  The class we're going to is really good and very interesting, and there are donuts, and it's not important to get there on time, because there's about 20 minutes of social time first.  Score!  Plus, the kids don't mind - they actually enjoy - being at church for that extra hour or so. 

2. All the supportive comments I got from my last post were really cool.  It is really great to know that there are people who are on the same page as me. 

3. Went to MOPS yesterday and re-connected with some friends that I don't feel like I see very much anymore.  Not as much as I used to, anyway.  This is my last year for MOPS.  If you have young children (kindergarten and younger, down to infant), and you have a MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers) group in your area, you should definitely consider going.  You drop your kid(s)(ss) off with the childcare workers for free, and then go in and have some food and adult conversation with other moms.  It can be such a lifesaver!  Here's a link: Find a Local MOPS Group.  I don't work for them or anything, don't worry.  ;)  I just wanna pass it on!

1. My car hasn't blown up yet so that we can get insurance money to just get a new one.  I keep hoping that one day I'll walk outside, and find that it has spontaneously combusted.  What a piece of junk!  It has LESS than 40K on it and already we've had to replace the alternator, and now it's doing something else that sounds like it's gonna be expensive, too.  I'm so frustrated!  If you are thinking about a Dodge Caliber, just do yourself a favor and DON'T.  I just want to trade it in and get a new one.  But we would probably get more money for it if it just exploded.  Keeping fingers crossed...

2. My sister has not moved to my town yet.  Not that she has plans to.  I just wish she would.  She lives in another TIME zone, for the love of Pete.  13 hours away.  I miss her.  Thank goodness for all-inclusive cell phone plans. 

3. This was a few weeks ago, but I realize that I haven't griped about it online yet: I spent weeks knitting my dog Maggie a sweater.  And the blasted thing is too big.  It looks like a Snuggie, and she just walks right out of it.  Sigh. 

Well, I mainly just wanted to say "hi" to those of you who read & comment.  Hi! :)  I'm still here, just doin' my thang.  Maybe soon I'll have something pretty & ruffly to share...................  ;)


  1. A Dodge Caliber? Did you get rid of the Toyota?

  2. I've been so bad at highs and lows lately! Having a 3 months old is WAY more busy than it was just having a new born! :)

    ANd I wish we had a MOPS in my little town. Sigh.

  3. You really might have something with the dog snuggie. Maybe for your etsy shop?

    Happy New Year Rachel!