Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Downstairs Redo: The Shape of Things to Come

That title is for all you Losties out there.  Has it really been a month since I've last done anything on here?  Well, I'm a busy lady, what can I say.

One rather important "housekeeping" item: I noticed that when I opened up my own blog today, the post titles were all in the Comic Sans font.  It is very important to me that YOU realize that this is not anything I have done on purpose.  I firmly believe that Comic Sans is pure evil in the form of a font.  It makes me shudder just to look at it when other people use it.  I have no explanation for why it is showing up on my blog...but I didn't want anyone to think less of me.  ;)  We behind the scenes at Pleased as Punch are thinking about maybe doing something about it someday.


OK, with that bit of ridiculousness out of the I mentioned before, I've been busy!  Wanna see?

One day I got really fed up with our downstairs rooms: the family room and the play room, formerly known as the dining room.  We have this bookcase that we've had for years.  Actually, DH built it for me!  At the time, it was built for a specific purpose, which included housing a tv (as you can see).  It worked great for us for a long time.  But over the years, it had come to this:

I could stand it no longer.  With DH's blessing and the assurance that he wouldn't get upset or anything, I took that bookshelf apart, board by 500-pound board, until it was a pile of scrap lumber that now sits in our basement.  We have these three MDF bookshelves that my sister-in-law gave to us before they moved out of town.  They have been sitting up in the spare room, holding books, but not in a pretty way.  We just didn't really have a use for them.  But a light bulb LITERALLY appeared above my head one day!  Literally!  So I hauled those things downstairs (no small task) and butted them up against each other and WOW what a difference.

They look so clean and uniform!  I hardly wanted to put anything in them!  It really makes the room feel like there's more space to move.  All that clutter felt oppressive, almost, and I didn't even realize it until it was gone.  Now listen: I'm not done with the new bookshelves; I did put pretty much everything back on, just to put it somewhere.  For now.  I think it still looks a little cluttered, but so much better than before.  And I do have plans...I'm just waiting for some fun things to come in the mail.  More on that later!  Anyway, here it is at the moment...

And thus, the Changing of the Bookshelf was the little rock that rolled down the hill that started the avalanche. 

One time, DH & I replaced the light/fan/heater fixture in the bathroom, and it turned into a whole big bathroom renovation.  This is what tends to happen.  I think, "my goodness!  That one little thing makes such a nice difference...what else could I change?"  And then I start getting ideas. 

Next up...!

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  1. That area looks so much better now. I know you are pleased with it. Sometimes it really is a little thing that makes a big difference.