Sunday, October 14, 2012

Highs & Lows: Bunco Night Edition

Hi guys!  I was in such a mood to do highs & lows today...and just to give a little update on life here we go!

As usual, starting with the lows first so I can end on a positive note.  :)

1. Ugh, I'm right on the verge of being sick.  It's a bronchial/cough thing.  Could be worse.  I have not thrown up (sorry that's gross) since I was last pregnant, which was like 7+ years ago.  But I had morning sickness so bad with both of my pregnancies, that every time someone in the house gets sick like that, I pray to God and tell Him that since I threw up (sorry again) so much when I was pregnant, surely He could spare me from having to do it any more.  I think He understands & agrees, because it's been 7 years...thank you Lord!  :)  But anyway, not feeling well, I slept till 9 this morning, which some people might see as a good thing, but even on a lazy Sunday, I do not like to sleep so late.  (Wow, that was just one huge run-on sentence.  Terrible!  Sorry, Mrs. Bell.)

2. My Dog Has Fleas.  And so do the cats.  And it's been Rachel vs. The Pestilence for a month now.  I can see an end in sight, but let me tell you, I will NEVER blow off "preventative treatment" again.  Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever again.  A few tips I've learned:
- Dawn dish soap is actually very effective as a flea shampoo. 
- Sprinkle Borax on the carpet, leave it sit overnight, and vacuum it up in the morning.  Kills any little buggers that may be (gasp!) in the carpet. 
- Our animal shelter gives prescription flea meds for only $9 a dose.
- The people at Petco are beyond clueless.  I have no idea how they get jobs there, but it's not for their knowledge of anything related to pets, I'll tell you that!

1. Since I've last posted, my kids had their birthdays - I'm now the mom of a 7 and 9 year old!  And they are the funnest kids ever!  They decided that they wanted to have a birthday party together.  So each one invited 5 friends, and we had a big party in the backyard.  It did rain a little that day, but after about 15 minutes of total anarchy in my house, we decided to take it outside (it was just a drizzle) anyway.

 2. I play Bunco, and October was my month to host.  What. A. BLAST!  One extra nice thing about our group is, we do "food teams."  Instead of the hostess having to do ALL the food herself, or having everyone bring something EVERY TIME, we have teams of 3 who rotate doing the food.  My team totally rocks, by the way.  We have done the food now two months in a row and if I may say, have set the bar pretty high.  :)  I chose "80's night" as our theme and I mean, needless to say...

how about the pac man cookies??? 

That's it for me, I'm all partied out...for now.

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