Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sew Thinky Thursday

There are a few blogs I read regularly - like, every time they post, I'm reading. Sew Sweetness is one of them. Sara is an inspiration!  Today she put out the word for a new link party at Mommy's Nap Time called Sew Thinky Thursday.  Each Thursday, there will be a sewing/quilting question to write about.  I LIKE this and I'll tell you why!  I do the link parties. I do.  Not as much as I used to, but I do them.  But I get a little tired of having to "compete" with my photos to get noticed.  It's tiring and time consuming, and I don't always (er...ever?) have awesome photos to post of my projects.  So something I can do without "feeling the pressure."  

The question of the week is...
When did you start sewing? Tell us a bit about your sewing history. When did you realize you were really hooked? 

I grew up with a mom who sewed all the time.  She made a lot of our clothes as little kids, she made our family of 4 some matching Christmas outfits one year (picture red plaid in the 80's!), she made one of my prom dresses, which was awesome btw...she could whip anything up at pretty much a moment's notice.  She actually had a craft business for many years, where she would work all year sewing things, and go to about a million craft shows each fall and make a boatload selling her things.  

So you would THINK that obviously, that's how I learned to sew!  Wrong!  I mean, I think I owe big thanks to my mom for giving me the following: my "sewing gene," and my first two sewing machines.  Those things alone are huge.  Huge!  And some help over the phone here and there.  But as far as how I learned...I pretty much taught myself.  

My first project was a valance for my bedroom in college.  I made it out of red ticking on the Green Kenmore, my first machine.  I loved the smell of that machine.  I had very little clue what to do with it, but I knew how to sew a straight line!   So on & off, when I had something I wanted to sew, I'd do it ONLY if I only had to sew straight lines.  No clothing, no complicated-looking things.  Basically, pillowcases and straight-line curtains.  TRY to contain your excitement!  

Fast-forward about a decade after college, into married life.  Still occasionally sewing curtains and pillowcases.  Woo-woo.  I wanted to sew more interesting things, but was afraid to.  Then one day I realized that if I messed something up...who cares?  What's to be afraid of?  So I started to branch out.

This was one of the first things I made:
That's my girl in her preschool graduation dress.  4-5 years ago?
I was so proud of this dress.  It did not look pretty on the inside, and there were some problems with the outside, come to think of it, but I was so proud because 1. I actually did ruffles, and 2.SHE loved it!  And it went on from there...

Possibly my favorite picture EVER

OK I have to stop myself!  It's fun to go through all my picasa pictures and see all these things, some of them from a long time ago it seems!  These are actually just a few things that I've really liked from the past several years.  

This year I am branching out a little more.  In addition to learning to quilt, I have also decided that I'm going to "up" the level of my sewing - I want it to be a lot more finished-looking, and I want to use nicer fabrics in projects to come.  SO looking forward to that!   


  1. You've done really well! I love the pumpkin costume picture too--it made me smile to see it! Good luck at branching out and learning new skills. There are plenty of "mentors" out here in blogland to help you along the way. Thanks so much for sharing your story!

  2. I totally feel you about having to "compete" with your photos. Thanks for sharing your story! One of my very first project was a set of valances for our new apartment after I'd been married a year or two. :)