Thursday, February 7, 2013

My yearly "Good Mommy" award

The question of the week over at Mommy's Naptime is, "What is the most meaningful thing you have ever made?" 

...And all of the sudden I feel like the most shallow person on the face of the earth!!!

I've sewn some nice things for people as gifts and everything, but I just couldn't think of any one thing that had a lot of extra special meaning behind it.

When I think about it, the most rewarding part of being able to sew is when I can sew things for my kids.  I'll make things for them here and there throughout the year, but the one thing I always sew for them, every year, is their Halloween costumes.  It's just something I love doing, for a million reasons.  For one thing, most other kids do NOT get homemade costumes and this is something I can do for them...until it's not cool anymore!  (But by the time it's uncool, they'd better not be still trying to run around and get candy anyway!)  For now, they love it.  Also, we're not limited by what's in the stores, as to what they can dress up as. (Did that make sense?)  For instance, this year they both wanted to be characters from Mario world.  Try to find that at Walmart!  Their costumes are something we can plan and work on together, and they're always so excited to see how it's going to turn out. 

I don't have fresh baked cookies waiting for them after school very often, and they don't sit and let me read the Little House books to them at night, we have never taken them to Disney World, and that's just scratching the SURFACE of all the "good mom" things I always thought I'd do but never have.  But darn it, I make their costumes for them, every year! 

2009...Kindergarten and Preschool
2010...1st Grade and Preschool.  Nolan is a bat, can you see the wings?

2011...2nd Grade and Kindergarten.  Same dress, different apron!  I was short on time last year...

2012...3rd Grade and 1st Grade.  Toad & Toadette, their favorite characters to be in Mario Karts.  They got a lot of comments while out trick or treating! 


  1. Such wonderful costumes! I'm sure the kids must be loving it! :)

  2. as a kid from a mom who sewed Halloween costumes every year, I applaud you. it's a big undertaking (and they are so cute btw, the mario hats are hilarious). but your kids will remember it and have great stories when they later have contests with their friends on who had the weirdest costumes (I was an ATM machine, a globe, a person in a shower...). plus, as i found out later, those store bought costumes are sooo itchy! (and I went to Disneyland - I hardly remember it)

  3. Such great costumes! That's the one thing I'd love to do for my daughter - but my MIL seems to buy costumes right and left - I don't get a chance! :) Thanks for linking up this week!

  4. I think you're too hard on yourself! Only a great mum would make all those fabulous costumes (and it's healthier than cookies when they come home from school)!

  5. Toad and Toadette!!! You have done an awesome job with all of these. It is incredibly special to do this for your kids and lots of fun to look back on.

    1. Thank you Michelle! I have to say, those Toad & Toadette hats will probably go down in family history as the coolest costumes ever... :)