Thursday, November 3, 2011

Help me decide!

Which bear is best?
Well, there are basically two schools of thought...
WRONG!  It is a Black Bear.

Sorry...don't know where that came from.  ;)

Anyway, I'm entering a contest!  It's called So You Think You Can Sew, hosted by Mommy by Day, Crafter by Night.  I have to submit a project that I think best shows my sewing skills.  I know what I think took the most skill, but it's hard for me to look at my own projects objectively.  So I'm putting it to a vote.  Can you guys help me out?   What do you think would have the best shot at getting me into a competition?

Here are the three projects I think are the best, in terms of sewing: (in no particular order!)
Spring Top
Ava Bag
Chair Slipcover

Look at the posts if you want, or just look at the pictures.  And if you would be so kind, would you please vote for one of them, in the sidebar to the right?  Thank you so much!  You can only imagine the process I put my husband through when I can't decide on which shoes to wear...


  1. I voted. I think it's pretty cool that you could set that up on your blog.

  2. I know where that came from ;)

  3. I feel your pain on asking men for advice on shoes! Ha! I voted (slipcover) but honestly I think you could win with any of them!

  4. Dear Rachel, I also voted, but unlike the others, I voted for the bag. I thought it was really nice andloved thecolour combination. I hope you don't mind but I am also thinking of enrolling in this competition which I found soleley after reading your entry. So I thank you for enlightening those whodidn't know about this. Wish you all the BEST!

  5. Hmm, a gorgeous shirt that fits perfectly, a bag that didn't come out all wonky and uneven and a slipcover that could sell for hundreds in a catalog... I can not relate to sewing any of them! :)

    But I'm supposed to choose which is the best? Seeing as they are all way outside my own sewing skills, I'm just picking the one that's most intimidating to which one is that...

    Honestly, they all rock!

  6. They are all great projects, but I think the chair slipcover is most impressive! I wouldn't even know where to begin....I'm still just making pillows myself :)