Friday, September 7, 2012

The Weekly Loot: The Beauty Product Question

Yeah!  Great morning today.  It's always fun when DH & I get to go out, kid-free.  Of course we love our kids.  But you know.

First I found this lovely chair

It weighs about 550 lbs.  I love it!  I'm not doing a thing to it, either.

Found some jewelry today...
I mostly love my big, ridiculous ring. 

Also in there...a couple of books, workout dvd, ceramic tray, and some Wen styling cream.  I've never used it, but I see it on the shopping channel all the time.  What is the verdict on hair/beauty products?  I often buy them if they're unopened.  This one was not sealed in plastic, but looked like it had never been used, and it felt full.  Is that gross?  I mean, I don't go around buying 30 year old bottles of Avon perfume or anything (and trust me, people try to sell it).  And at the yard sale we had in the beginning of the summer, I put out half of my bathroom closet's worth of half-used beauty products, hair product, makeup...and I was shocked at how fast it went.  Lots of times, couponers will sell their loot that they've gotten for free or practically free.  What do you think?  Do you/would you buy this stuff at yard sales?  

Some Christmas ornaments...check these out!  So pretty.

Some random stuff...
I'm a sucker for Willow Tree, I can't help it.

And possibly my FAVORITE find of the day:

That's supposed to be for my 8yo daughter.  But I may keep it for myself.  I've been twirling it all morning!

So, total spent this morning:
Chair                                 $7 (they were asking 10)
2 Books & workout dvd:   $1.25
Willow Tree plaque:           $3.00 (what???  I should have offered 1.)
Candle top thingy:             $.75
Hair product:                    $.75
Christmas balls:                 $1
Jewelry:                            $5.50
Tray:                                 $.10
Baton:                               $.10

TOTAL:                           $19.45

Yikes.  I'm getting to be a big spender these days.

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  1. I'm glad I solved my reader problem... I wasn't getting your posts! But no worries, I just resubscribed to everything. We're planning to have a garage sale in a few weeks and I keep going back & forth on if it's a good idea or not.... we have SO MUCH STUFF to sell, but it seems overwhelming. Even though I'm pretty on top of stuff & organized...I need your reassurance that we should do it. And I appreciate your posts on what you find...It helps me know what I should or shouldn't sell & for how much. Thanks Rachel! Hope yall had a great weekend!!!

  2. You found some fantastic thrifty treasures! I love them all. that chair is wonderful and I wouldn't touch it either! I am going to be featuring this post on this weeks TTF party! i hope you will join again and grab the "I was featured" button for your blog! hae a fun day!

  3. I buy whatever I darn well please at yard sales and thrift stores!! It is totally not gross and I have been eye'n the Wen stuff forever!! I would have totally scooped it up!!