Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Weekly Loot: Pottery Barn edition

Hehe...well, not "Pottery Barn, the catalog" exactly.  But pottery, at least, and lots of it.  And an instance of me trying to be all Pottery Barn-y. 

How does one be all Pottery Barn-y?  They get a piece of coral and stick it on a bookshelf.  (Right?)  And if they really wanted to get all PB with it, they'd spraypaint it silver and do the faux mercury glass thing to it.  I'm not going that far.  But I did find a sea urchin for .50!

Plus an extra, um, "bonus" item that came with it...


I picked the thing up, and realized that the sea urchin was unattached to the base - it just sat on top.  So I took ONLY the sea urchin and played dumb when I went to pay the lady. 

Of course, she was like, "OH, THAT COMES WITH A LITTLE STAND...WAIT, LET ME FIND IT FOR YOU!"  *Sigh.*  If only I wasn't raised to be so polite.  So home with the "I Love Grandpa" stand and urchin I went.  Complete with a great set of unnecessary quotes:

Like, it's not really from Shenandoah Caverns, Va...we're just going to call it that. 

Unnecessary quotes crack me up.  They are everywhere.  There is actually an entire blog dedicated to pointing out signs where people use them, and I think it's hilarious.

Anyway, I like my sea urchin...the question is, do I leave it as-is (sans Grandpa stand), or do I spraypaint it white?   I'm thinking as-is.

I also found some more pottery for my new & growing collection.  I'm really drawn to these little cute pitchers and I pick them up whenever I see them.  These little guys sit on my sewing table:

Aren't they adorable?  And DH found me that owl soapstone dish.  How sweet!

The other ones I've found here & there this summer, I've just been sticking them up on a shelf in my kitchen:

Everything besides the 3 white pieces are things I've found just this summer. 
I think that yellow one is my favorite so far.  It's also the one I paid the most for, at $5.  I think I overpaid.  But I love it.  :)  And considering that some of the others, I scored for .10 and .25, it all evens out. 

And then this weekend, I found this for $1, which I really like:

Love the shamrocks
I just love that blue color inside

And then there was this, earlier in the summer:

Sorry for the bad picture. :)  I'm pretty sure that aqua one is California Pottery.  I paid .50 for the ironstone...tureen? And the guy basically threw the aqua one in with it.  Both for .50.  You can't beat that! 

Those are the kind of things I keep an eye out for...what are YOU drawn to?  

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