Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Let them dress up!

Well, now that we're halfway into November, I thought it would be a great time to show my kids' Halloween costumes this year!   In my defense, trick-or-treat night was postponed a few days, thanks to the hurricane.  And the weather wasn't much better - it was freezing out there!

They both wanted to be characters from Mario World - and they chose Toad & Toadette.  For those of you whose homes have not been infiltrated by the likes of Mario & Luigi, DK, Peach, Yoshi and friends, this is what Toad & Toadette look like:

They have no purpose that I can see in Mario World, they're just kind of there.  But the kids love them.

And here are my own little Toad & Toadette, all ready for some door-to-door candy collecting:

So CUTE!  I can't help it.  They are.  Did you see those missing teeth?

And how about my girl - we just realized she'll be a TEENAGER the next time we have a presidential election.  (Someone get me a paper bag, I'm going to hyperventilate!)

The only other costumes I saw that night that were even CLOSE to being as cool, were a couple of inflated sumo wrestlers.  So funny.  But I'm probably biased.


  1. I LOVE these, Rachel!! You did a great job. My nephew was an inflated sumo wrestler last year...pretty funny:)

  2. Thanks Molly :) That's so funny about your nephew's costume - we LOVED those! Too funny!