Monday, March 11, 2013

Petrillo Bag

Holy Cow.  Has it really been a MONTH since I've been here last?  What happened to my new year's resolution?  Oh well.  :)

Well, over at Sew Sweetness today, Sara has released yet another awesome bag pattern.  And I got to be one of her testers!  Hop over there and check out all the bags - this is a really good pattern.  Very detailed.  If you take your time and go step by step, it will turn out the way it's supposed to!

I didn't take too many (any?) pics of the process, but here are a few shots of my finished product.

Here's the bottom - I kinda love it. :)

There are two pockets on the inside - one basic zip pocket, and one padded pocket for a tablet or e-reader - which would be so perfect IF I HAD ONE!  Alas.  I've been using it to tote my knitting and a book or two.  I can stuff a lot into it and it maintains its shape really nicely.

Two new products I was introduced to while making this bag:

1. Auto Headliner fabric - It's basically 1/8" foam with fabric on one side.  It helps the bag stand up nice and tall, and keeps it from being saggy and sad.  I used it as a substitute for a much more expensive fabric stabilizer.  With a coupon, I got a yard (54" wide, mind you) for about $10.  Sweeeeeeeet.  Thanks to Cindy of Raspberry Sunshine for that amazing bit of genius!

2. Pellon SF-101 Shape Flex interfacing - How is it possible that I've never used this before?  I love it.  It shall henceforth be my go-to interfacing.  SO nice to work with, and it didn't melt under my iron. 

So...whaddya think?  :) 


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Your bag turned out AWESOME!! I think I may break down and order some of the soft and stable to compare to the headliner. Have you used S&S yet? What do you think of the two? Cindy

  2. Shape flex! :) I love that stuff! Also, I've never tried the auto stuff, but have used Soft and Stable, I love that stuff.

    Aren't Sara's patterns awesome? I love her style! Nice work with this one!