Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekend Project: Fingerless Mitts

Or should I say, fingerless MITT.  Singular.  One mitt.

Going through my sewing room and knitting stuff this week, I was shocked and appalled at how many projects I have lying around, unfinished. 

I even started a project as a part of a KNITALONG, going with the idea that it would be finished ALONG with everyone else!  Novel.  Problem is, it was a Downton Abbey knitalong, and I would get so sucked into the show, that I couldn't knit and watch at the same time.  So I fell behind.  (I really need to learn how to do two at a time, like the way people do socks two at a time....  Well, anyway.)

This weekend's project for me will be to finish the first mitten I started, and to get at least 3/4 through the second one.

Here is the first:

How cute is that???  The yarn I'm using is Knitpicks Felici, which I think is a blend of merino wool and nylon...don't quote me on that...but it's really soft, the stitches are well defined, and I love the colors.

HERE is what I need to do to finish this first one: weave in the ends (duh!) and figure out a better bindoff for the bottom, where it's ribbed.  It's supposed to be stretchy, but it's not!  I bound off "in pattern," thinking that would do it, but there must be something I'm missing.  Look at the next picture:

See how it's cutting off circulation to the rest of my arm???  I don't like that.  ;)

So me out do I do this? 

So there's that to do, and then start the other one.  That is what I will be doing every time I get a moment this weekend.  I want to actually be able to wear these before summer gets here!

What about YOU?  Fess up, I know you've got UFO's of your own....  Wanna do a weekend project with me?  Tell me what you'll be working on this weekend!  :)


  1. soccer tournaments (2) count as creative stuff? That's what is on tap here. Hope you get your cute mittens done!

  2. I am trying to put some finishing touches onto my bedroom. I painted it a sky blue last summer. Now just bought a big, puffy white comforter with pillows, antique white curtain rod, and now I need to find a picture or something to go over the bed. I am trying to go for a light,airy, breezy feel in my bedroom. The problem is trying to find the balance of not being too feminine. Like there is a big white flower picture that would look good- but will Robb gag when he walks into the room? hmmmmm I will post pics when I am done but it will still be a few months! This summer I want to do a DIY headboard for my bed. I saw something on pinterest that looked easy enough for the likes of me! :)
    I love the fingerless gloves! Sorry no advice about your problem with it but you know me.... I can only wish I knew how to knit :) ---Cara