Saturday, January 16, 2010

Men aren't the only ones who have trouble asking for directions

Last week I made a couple of AWANA bags for a friend's boys.  I was pleased as punch at the way they turned out!  (Oh, BTW, that's how my blog got its name...I say that all the time...)  I was told that Judah likes bugs, and Joel likes cars (as in, Disney Pixar cars)...pretty cute!

You should see my ironing board, though.  ACK!  It didn't quite survive.  Until I can get to the store to buy another cover, we're using a tea towel on it to iron clothes.  Greg just shook his head and laughed when I sheepishly told him.  YOU SEE, it was my first time using heat-n-bond.  I made a fabulous disaster of my ironing board, and all the individual letters first, and THEN read the directions.  It was mostly all salvageable, but talk about creating extra, tedious work for myself!  And then, even after I read the directions, I blatantly ignored the part where it said, "Do not sew."  I thought, HA.  Of course I'm going to sew through this.  My machine is awesome, it can handle it.  Well after I got through the first letter of Joel's name, it became "suddenly clear" why the directions said not to try to sew through that glue-y stuff.  But I was already 1/4 of the way into it, there was no turning back!  I was doomed to have to finish his name the way I did - thread breaking about every inch and a half and all - argh.  What I learned was, the glue builds up on the needle, and wears the thread after about the second letter, I learned to sew an inch, then scrape the glue off the needle, sew an inch, scrape, sew an inch, scrape..............I was never so happy to sew one glorious last stitch in all my life.  I'll just file this little experience away for the next time I'm tempted to plow ahead without reading the directions first!!!

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