Thursday, January 14, 2010


Ha ha, not cousin Brooke is having twins - yay! - and these are her first babies.  I'm SO disappointed that I won't be able to go to her shower at the end of this month.  They don't know the gender(s), so that makes it kinda fun to find cute, neutral things to give.  Here are some things I'm making and sending to my mom, to take to the shower for me:

Little snuggly critters - a chicken and a monkey!   I found this super-soft knit on clearance for $1/yd.  Jackpot!!!  These turned out so cute.  I think I'm in love!

Reversible newborn hat - glad I only made one so needs tweaking.  A couple of issues: #1, it definitely looks girly with the ties at the top.  #2, the bottom got all flared out when I topstitched it.  I've never really worked with knit before; apparently this is what it does.  I posted this on one the Sew Mama, Sew forum and got some help I have a legitimate excuse to go back to the candy store Jo-Ann's and get the proper needle for this.  That, and using stabilizer, and hopefully it'll turn out a little better!  And I'm going to ditch the ties at the top, however adorable they may be.  I'm sure Pat (daddy to be) wouldn't be thrilled to put this on his boys - if they turn out to be boys...I remember Greg giving me guff for sticking a paci with a little bit of pink on it, in Nolan's mouth as an infant...

ANYWAY, more to come...some bibs & burp cloths, and little baby booties...and if I have time and get really crazy, some fabric balls with bells in them.  We shall see.  I have this adorable flannel...I'll post more as I do more!  And hopefully I can get this hat thing worked out.  Until then...!

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