Monday, January 25, 2010

More baby stuff

The rest of the baby things for my cousin...pretty cute if I do say so myself! 

Bibs & burp cloths - I love this gender-neutral giraffe flannel!  I love it so much, in fact, that I have used it a lot, and didn't have enough left to do 2 whole bibs AND burp cloths out of it, so I did the bibs with just a little applique and bias binding.  The bibs are made out of a super-soft bath towel - pretty smart huh?  Cheaper than the terry cloth or chenille at the fabric store, and much nicer and softer.  I can't believe how tiny the neck openings are - I love little babies!!!  We sat behind a little 3-week old newborn in church yesterday.  I elbowed Mr. H...he just looked at me and said, "No."  Can't blame me for trying.  ;)

Improved hats - the bottoms don't flare out as much, and I got rid of the girly-looking ties at the top.  I can't believe all it took was a ball-point needle that, to me, looks exactly like a regular needle.  Amazing.  You learn something new every day!

All wrapped up.  Cute stuff!!!  I hope she likes it. 

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  1. These look so soft and sweet. I'm sure the hats will come in handy. What a wonderful way to welcome a new life.