Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Making Lemonade



My sewing machine is broken.  There's something wrong with it.  Something mechanical. (doesn't that sound bad?) I don't even know exactly WHAT is wrong, but it's not a common issue (I have googled the thing to death), and I have a feeling it's not going to be cheap.  No Bernina dealers anywhere around...so Mr. H & I will be making a journey to Greensburg, post-haste.  Actually, probably not until Thursday, as we will likely be snowed in (again) by tomorrow morning. 


It's such a long and boring story that I won't even tell it here.  Just know that I am completely aggravated.  I was mid-project when my trusty machine went el-fritzo last night.  Now, I have to face the next day or two of being snowed in (prime sewing time!) with no machine.  Argh!  Blerg!  Ack!  Crimony!  Great coogly-moogly!

BUT, a thought came to me...what a perfect time to try to learn....

 No, not "how to cut off your cat's head with pretend scissors"

Nothing mechanical about knitting!   And if anything breaks, I'm pretty sure it's under $5 or so to fix.  Nice. 


  1. there's a sewing machine repair place up on scalp. Kenny's, that's where i've taken my sewing machine before. it wasn't horrible either like $50 the timing was off.
    and for learning to knit i know some great sites here's the best one with videos (they're free) www.knittinghelp.com

  2. Thanks! Actually, I used to work at the salon right next to Kennys! But for my machine to be covered under the warranty, it has to be taken to an authorized Bernina dealer, which unfortunately he's not. :( Oh well! I'm going to G-burg today with my buddy Nolan and that's the perfect excuse to have Panera for lunch. :)

    Thanks for the knitting site - I was practicing my basic stuff the other night (casting on & the knit stitch) and finally got the hang of those...so tonight I guess I'll move on to the next things tonight!