Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's dangerous to google "how to make your own piping"

Apparently there's a whole wealth of info out there for potheads.  Good to know, just in case.  (kidding, Mom!)

But there were an equal number of SEWING links, and I was relieved to find that it's super-easy to make your own piping.  I've been sewing for too long not to know this.  It borders on downright shameful!  But for most of my "sewing life," I've stuck to the very easy, basic, simple, straight-line, "a kid could do it" sort of things.  I don't know why.  Intimidation, probably.  But it has been so much more fun now that I've branched out in the last year or two.  SO much more fun.  All those things that I thought would be really difficult, and would turn out horribly if I ever tried them...are actually NOT that hard, and they actually (usually!) turn out pretty decent.   Zippers, ruffles, bias binding, really is amazing to me that it took me so long. 

So here is a cushion that I sewed for a lovely friend, who has a gorgeous house, and decorates in a style worthy of her gorgeous house.  :)  So I was worried that my cushion wouldn't stack up.  But I think it came out pretty nicely...
First time doing piping...not that difficult.  It came out nicely.  Not as perfectly as I wanted it to, but there was nothing egregiously wrong...just not perfect.  But I have the feeling that I could sew for another 20 years and still feel that way about the stuff I do.  So I try to cut myself a little slack.  Besides, with fabric that beautiful, who's going to be looking at the little stuff?  I love that fabric.  It now sits on a black bench by the kitchen door of their house, and I'm told that, in addition to looking nice, it makes an excellent baby doll bed for their 1 year old.  :)

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  1. I love, love, love my cushion:) It is PERFECT in my will see when you come over how perfect it really is. The colors tie in the baskets just perfectly. I was planning to paint the baskets, but now I love them:) You are a dear friend indeed!