Friday, April 8, 2011

I sew better than I keep plants alive, so I guess this is my Craft Apron

It's been a week already?  Huh.  Time flies when you're busy.  Yesterday I babysat a friend's 4 (out of 7!) children, ages 1, 2, 4, and 5.  They are great kids, and lots of fun, but it just about cured me of my ever-present "baby fever."
that was after about...oh...30 seconds

the lunchtime mess that sat there for a few hours

what the...????  I have no idea.

I think one more day of toddler-rama ought to knock it right out of me, so I'll do it again next week! 

Anyway, for the One Yard Wonders sewalong, this week I (again) only did one project.  Well that's not true...I did two, but one of them is later on in the book...I did it as a gift.  I wasn't really feeling the "Smock of all Ages" anyway.  I'm more of an apron kind of gal.

So, here is my finished Craft/Garden apron!
Yes I'm sucking it in.  The 30 Day Shred isn't over yet.
Cute, right?  I made my own bias tape out of this green paisley fabric that I have a ton of.  It was pretty easy to put together; I'm not the greatest at bias binding, but this was good practice and I think I did OK.  The first time I finished it, it looked like this:
Boooo-ring!  The green paisley couldn't quite rescue the un-cool periwinkle like I thought maybe it would.

I considered doing an applique, but...I don't know.  That seemed kind of boring too.  Maybe I was just in a "bored" kind of mood that day.  I looked around my craft/computer/cat/sewing/junk room and spied some yarn.  Hmmm.
love that swivel cutter thingy!

perhaps purple marker on purple fabric isn't the best way to reduce eye strain.

"liquid stitch?"  are they saying that this glue is as strong as a machine stitch?  I seriously doubt it.  But it's supposed to dry clear, so that's good enough for me.

let's hope it dries clear.

channeling my inner kindergartner!  somehow the combo of glue & yarn felt vaguely familiar, from a time long ago...

It reminds me of the big cursive "L" on Laverne's shirts.


  1. I got that book earlier this year as a birthday present from a friend and never used it for anything aside from the peg doll patterns in the back. Your apron is so cute I think I just may have to bust my book out and get sewing again :)

  2. love your adorable apron and your sucking it in doesn't look sucked in at all... just super svelte :D

  3. Hi,Rachel!

    Love the apron and as usual,your post made me laugh.

    Love you,


  4. LOVE the paisley fabric used in the binding, reminds me that large prints create a great variation in the design. Great job on the apron!

  5. How fun!!! I love that you used a contrasting binding and the monogram is AWESOME! What a clever way to attach it to the apron!