Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Slipcover: from "What were we thinking?" to "I love that chair!"

Hello!  It's time to show off my chair today!

I finished it right before this past Thanksgiving, because we hosted this year and I wanted my house to look great.  I had but one problem:

Exhibit A: The "What Were We Thinking?" chair
~ The Issues ~
1. Humongous roses.
2. Sad, sad cushion, beaten down by life.  And my Cadbury-Mini-Eggs-loving tookus. 
3. Torn seams and exposed foam at the corners of the cushion (not pictured) as a result of reckless abuse by my children.
4. Lumpy, misshapen cushion on the back of the chair.
5. I mentioned the roses, right?

(I wish I'd known back then that I was going to put this out there for all to see.  I would have taken more pics of the process!) 

Anyway, I searched high and low for suitable slipcover fabric.  It would have taken me about an hour to find, if not for my ever-present budget.  What a buzzkill.  I wanted to spend no more than $60 on the whole project.  I know that's ambitious, considering that, according to my calculations, I'd need about 12 yards of fabric.  Not to mention the cording!  I forget how many yards I needed of that, but I do remember not wanting to make bias tape and/or cording for quite a long time afterward. 

I checked every online option, frequented Jo-Ann Fabrics, even made a special trip to some warehouse in a neighboring town.  Nothing.  FINALLY, I found the perfect fabric, on clearance, at Jo-Ann's.  The problem?  8 yards and no more.

But time was a-wastin'.  I snatched up those 8 yards for a mere $30....a clothesline for my cording (clever, right?) and went to work.  With some very carefully planned-out cutting, plus a little "frankensteining", I made those 8 yards cover the whole thing. 

I love making slipcovers because it's like doing a huge puzzle.  And I love puzzles.  :)

My strategy for reviving the cushions was to make their covers just a little too small.  Stuffing them in was no fun, but well worth it. 

At the end, I hand-sewed the chair into the slipcover - the parts that I was afraid would tear in the process of putting in over the chair.  Just like on Project Runway!  Sort of.


  1. oh my goodness!! This seriously looks like you paid a ton of cash from one of those slipcover catelogues!! You've got skills :)

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog- and for following it!!
    I love this slipcover project! The chair looks SO much better!! Great job

  3. I'm loving this chair makeover, you did an excellent job! I'm passing along the Versatile Blogger Award to you! Great job!