Sunday, September 11, 2011

Highs and Lows: Jack Bauer Edition

Highs and Lows time!

LOWS for the week:

1. More cheerleading bogus-ness.  If you don't want to read the continuing saga, scroll down.  I won't be offended.

I'll spare you the details (mainly because I typed out a whole thing about this, and then for some reason Blogger didn't save my post, and it's gone.  Argh!  And I don't feel like writing the whole thing out again).  Basically, the Coach is at it again.  She sent a letter home to all the parents this week, outlining all the ways the squad is not competition-ready.  (Competitions begin at the end of October.)  Then at the end, she literally asked us to check a box, and she gave us two options:

1. Only let the girls who are "ready" compete.  The ones who are not ready can compete as they get ready, as the competition season goes on.
2. Have the whole squad compete when everyone is ready, "noting that we may not compete at all this year."

Sorry, but both of these options are terrible.  Here are some options for you, coach:

1. Don't let girls onto the squad if they don't know how to cheer or tumble. (Novel idea, I know.) Then you won't have to crush their little hearts halfway through the season, when they haven't met your unrealistic expectations.  Advise them to take some gymnastics and come back the following year.  It would be a lot easier for EVERYONE to take if you would have just done that in the beginning.
2. Remember that this is a pee-wee squad.  As DH so aptly noted, "she's acting like they're going on ESPN next week or something." 

So in a nutshell, that's that.  I'm very upset. 

HIGHS for the week:
1. Well, speaking of "high," I'm still kind of on one.  A big one.  A children's clothing consignment shop in our town is going out of business.  This weekend, every single thing in the store is 75% off.  I was on it like white on rice, people.  Here's what I came home with:
That's 31 pieces of boys' stuff, 35 pieces of girls'.  All but a few pieces are brands: Gymbo, Old Navy, Limited Too, Gap Kids, TCP, Polo, Arizona, Crazy 8.  66 pieces for $92 = $1.39 a piece.  

Allow me to step out of character for a moment: BOO-YEAH!!!! 

2. Although I'm probably the last person in America to get on this wagon, I've been watching past seasons of 24 on Netflix.  I cannot stop!  I'm totally addicted to this show.  Except for Monday nights (that's the Antiques Roadshow/American Pickers/Pawn Stars night), I pretty much watch like 3 or 4 episodes of 24 each night.  Thank goodness for the DVR, I say.  I stay up late, so much later than I should because I can't stop watching!  Right now I'm about 3/4 of the way through season 3.  Any other Jack Bauer fans here?

No doubt, he's talking to President Allstate Guy here.
 3. One of the kids I nanny for cried on Friday when I told her I was going home.  Normally a crying child does not make it onto my "highs" list, but this just made my day...she wanted me to stay!  I was a little worried that the kids were going to eat me alive, the numbers being so greatly in their favor and all.  But it's going pretty well, actually.  And to know that at least one of them actually wants me around - that's just awesome. 


  1. Sorry to hear about the cheering drama. Why can't kids just be kids for awhile?

  2. That low sucks! That coach should be fired and someone better put in place! I agree with your DH!

    And your highs are great! Wish we had a consignment shop going out of business. And I've never watched 24, but maybe I should!

  3. I love, love, love 24 and Jack Bauer! I started watching during season 2. Of course I had to go back and watch season 1…damn Nina!

    Oh, and your clothing deal was beyond amazing!

  4. Love 24! we just started re-watching it...
    I'm with you about the cheerleading.
    so which store is going out of business?