Thursday, September 22, 2011

Women who "do it all" don't do it all. They hire maids..

I was just lamenting this morning to another blogger that ever since I started my job (nanny for 7 kids), I have neither the time nor the energy to do ANYTHING after the kids are in bed, except veg out on the couch and watch back episodes of 24, until I fall asleep with the pets all over me.  Well, this week is special because it's all the fall season premieres.  Modern Family last night - hysterical!  And The Office tonight - I can't wait for that.  And The Biggest Loser - love that show, but I miss Jillian and I think Anna Cornucopia or whatever her name is (yes, I know who she is), is uh, well...I'd be pretty mad if I were a contestant and I got her as my trainer. 

But I digress. 

As I was saying, I'm tired, and the housework is piling up.  I feel like Cinderella.  I can't do what I want to do until I get all my chores done - and I seriously wonder if I will ever get everything done.  And much to my dismay, I don't have any mice to do it all for me.  I'm not talking about the quest for an immaculate, sparkling house here, either.  I'm just talking about being able to eat at the table without needing a bulldozer to clear it off first.  I'm talking about changing the cat litter before they go on strike and start pooping in my bed, just to make a point (they haven't yet, but...).  I mean putting laundry away sooner than a week after it's been washed and folded - by DH.  (Yep, DH.  He does that for me.) 

So anyway, if you were wondering where I've been...I've been buried in children by day, and flopped on the couch in a semi-comatose state by night.  I do realize that I'm still adjusting to the new schedule.  I sincerely hope so, anyway.  This cannot be my new "normal."  It just can't.  

So hang with me, I promise to try to get some good stuff up here in the not-too-distant future. 

But in the meantime, if you're up for a good laugh, you've got to read this story: Embrace Plan B-C-D.  I laughed so hard, my kids were starting to worry!  Janice from Whimsy-ma-blog is one funny mama of three. 


  1. I'm really glad you posted this. In every craft project I do, you can see the piles of stuff on my table in the tutorial pictures. I imagine one day, I'll be fabulously wealthy and I will have a craft room in which to pile things... but that day is not today.

    Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone!

  2. Thanks, Rachel! and it is so nice to hear that other people's houses are a mess! Mine is a constant disaster zone!

  3. Now you know why I haven't blogged in awhile (or tackled the aesthetics of my poor blog). THAT'S what suffers when I am inundated with clients (yup, I'm allowing myself to be hired again), kids, and random phone calls. I wish I had the time to make it as awesome as yours. Sigh. Maybe one day. Thanks for always making me smile, girl!