Monday, October 24, 2011

Blog Design - help me please!

***Edited to add***
Hey, I think I figured it out!  :)  My "design" page looks a little funky; everything is pushed to one side.  If anyone knows how to fix this and wants to let me in on it, that would be great.  But looks like things are switched over pretty well.  Yay!

OK, so I have been muddling through a bunch of tutorials, "user-friendly" photoshop-like software, and HTML (which stands for HaTe My Life, I think) for the last week or so, and I have finally come up with a pretty cute new blog design.  Fun stuff!  I had been going back and forth about whether to hire someone, or try doing it myself.  Every time I was about to hit the button to get on a waiting list (everyone seems to have a wait list!), I just couldn't do it.  It's hard for me to feel OK about spending good money on something that I can do myself...I mean, I can at least follow a tutorial and figure it out.

Having done it myself, I now see the definite VALUE in getting someone who knows what they're doing to do it!  That's OK though.  I'm proud of myself - and I can't wait to get my new design on here...which is where one of you comes in, hopefully!

Is there anyone who knows how to install a whole new blog template thingy?  I've looked for tutorials and haven't found any.  I would love some help with this.  If you would like to help, check here: __  and email me at pleasedaspunch.rh (at) gmail (dot) com.  Thanks in advance!


  1. Totally WISH I had that knowledge! :)

  2. I might be able to help you depending on your format. Just let me know the format you have yours in and I can see if I can do it. I have a test blog that I try it out on before we do it here.

  3. I see your design has changed, so you must have figured it out. I just read your post and was going to suggest the following:

    So you've been learning HTML, huh? I had to do that awhile back for a random job I worked right out of college, and it's come in handy over the years.

    The blog looks great, by the way!