Friday, October 28, 2011

ghosts, goblins, and....pimps???

I know I'm going to sound like the Church Lady here. I don't care. 

I was at my kids' Halloween parade at school this morning.  

Watching the kids all walk around the gym in their costumes, I have to say, it was about 1,000,000% better this year, now that they've instituted the "no masks" rule.  It is always just kind of shocking to me, to see what parents let their little kids get dressed up as.  Now, I'm one of those people who gets scared just walking through the video store (remember those?) and seeing the horror movie DVD covers.  So maybe I'm biased, but I think there are a lot of really disturbing costumes out there.  And the masks are really scary and gross!  So it was really nice to not have to see those this year.  


I saw this one kid walk into the gym, all dressed up and dapper-looking in a pinstripe suit and fedora, and my first thought was, he looks like Cosmo Kramer, the Assman! Ha ha.  And then I saw another kid in the exact same costume, same suit & hat and all.  I thought, it must be some character or something....if they're mass producing this costume...I wonder who it is?  So I ask the mom sitting next to me.  What's with the pinstripe suit costumes?  She looked at me like I had three heads.  Then she told me, "they're pimps."

Umm...these kids are like, 8.  Are they specifically asking to be pimps for Halloween?  Or is this their parents' idea?  Either way, pretty sad.  Like, think about this:  2nd graders are dressing up for Halloween as someone who finds men to have sex with prostitutes, basically.  And the schools have their panties all in a wad about bullying?  I mean, yeah, bullying is bad. It is.  But um...we have children dressing up as pimps quote The Lion King...and everybody's OK with that?  Are you kidding me?

Like I said, Church Lady.  Sorry.  I'm really not trying to judge.  I'm just trying to be a voice of reason.  Has our culture wandered so far away from basic right & wrong, that things like this are now OK, and I'm the weirdo for thinking it's not?

well isn't that special?
*Edited to add*
Uh, I don't feel stupid or anything.  It was a gangster costume!  Thank you Toni for enlightening me!!!  Apparently, on my blog as well as in "real" life, I continue to put my foot in my mouth. 
Heh heh. 


  1. I'm with you, that is crazy! On one hand you hope that a child that young wouldn't even know what one is but then the thought of it being the parents idea is awful too.

  2. Good post. I'm with you. When did things shift so much about what is appropriate for our kids?

  3. No, you need to judge. That is just wrong. I blame it on parents who are reliving their childhoods through their kids. I questioned an 8th grader's attire once and she told me her mother bought her clothes. Well, enough said there, right?

  4. I don't know, from what you described I picture them as gangsters rather than pimps. (a lot better right?) pinstripes & fedoras just say gangster to me. "Pimps" have really big hats, gold jewelry, and velvet or animal print suits.

  5. Gangster is all right.. sort of, haha. Pimps... hmmm, maybe that mom just didn't know what it really means? You are right though, parents seem to have their own idea about how to dress their kids these days; mind you, with all those music video I wouldn't be surprised if it was the kids asking to have a costume like "this smart looking bling bling man with a lady dancing in a funny way next to him":) well this world is strange....

  6. Gangster? Maybe a LITTLE better than a pimp, but still, organized crime, cement shoes, still not a pretty thing to be for a child. I agree with you 100% thanks for taking the time to share, don't be afraid of being the church lady, she's still needed :)