Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ava Bag fabric choices: Opinions, please!

Hello!  Happy Summer! 

I try to make it a point to not apologize for my lack of posting, but...sorry!!!  Hey, it's summer, what can I say?  The kids are out of school (yeah!), and for some reason, the "lazy days of summer" haven't gotten to our house yet.  I feel like we're busier now than we were during the school year!  Swimming lessons, little league (both kids, different teams!), cheerleading, we're babysitting an 8-year-old this summer.  She's a nice little girl, but it's taking some getting used to - for all of us, I'm sure.  I haven't had my boundaries tested like this since my own kids were toddlers; let's just put it that way!!!  But give it another week or so, and I think things will be just great. 

Well, today, I have an opinion question for you all.  You might have noticed a new button on the side of my blog...I'm participating in a sewalong at Sew Sweetness this month; we're sewing The Ava Bag from Two Peas in a Pod.

I like the bag so much, I'm making three.  I just figured, it would be easier to make three at once than to go back and have to do all that cutting, etc. each time.  Plus, it was hard to choose only one fabric combo!  Which brings me to my question for you all:  What do you think of these fabrics?  Do you like the combos?  Do you not like any of them?  (You won't hurt my feelings, I promise!)  Which one is your favorite?  Inquiring minds want to know!  ;)

Here they are...

Ava Bag #1
Ava Bag #2
Ava Bag #3
...what do you think?  Just because I've cut them does not mean I'm committed. 

And do you like my cat's paws?  She can be such an attention hog!!!  Here's what I'm up against every time I try to cut something:
By all means, Snowy, make yourself comfortable.  Please.  I insist.
Look at that face.  She's like, "what?  you got a problem with this?" get your commenting fingers typing.  I want to know: 1. Which one you like best, 2. if there are any you do not like, and 3. any general comments you want to throw my way. 

Thanks in advance!  :)