Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ava Bag Sewalong: the finished bags

Here are my completed bags for the Two Peas in a Pod Designs Ava Bag Sewalong I participated in, hosted by one of my favorite blogs, Sew Sweetness

In no particular I was working on them, I kinda gave them names:

1. The Frenchy Bag


the inside of the front pockets

the inside pockets
 I loved the original fabrics I picked out for this bag, but it was just begging for some black & white somewhere on it.  I found this polka dot and bought the rest of the bolt (relax, it was only like a yard and some inches!).  For the record, this polka dot fabric was the only fabric I actually bought for these purses.  The rest was from my stash.  It's hard to justify buying more fabric when I have so much just sitting there already. 

Anyway, I couldn't love this color combo more.  It's so Frenchy! 

2. The Mom Bag
Not like "mom jeans," though.  I just kept calling this one the Mom Bag because the fabrics look like something my mom would like.

You may notice that this one has a covered button on the inside instead of a snap.  That's because I ran out of snaps and refused to run all the way up to the store to get one more.  I had these covered button makers that I found at a yard sale, so I sewed one on.  Now I just have to work up the courage to sew a buttonhole on the other side.  I'm going to have to practice a LOT on some scrap fabric, because I will cry if I mess up this bag because of a stupid buttonhole.  Well, on second thought...if I mess it up, I can stick a big flower on it.  Thank goodness sticking big flowers on things is "in."  If you see me carrying this thing around, and it has a big flower stuck to it, you'll know that the buttonhole didn't work out. 

3. The Crazy Bag

It's just a little loud I guess.  I love's just a little crazy.  Plus, I somehow cut straps out of a totally different fabric (by mistake!)...but then realized that they would look kind of cool with the other fabrics I was I went with it.  Hence, the Crazy Bag was born. 

I was going to do a pattern review, but I think I'll do that another time this week.


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  1. So beautiful! I am so glad that you made so many... My favorite is the Frenchy bag!