Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pretty Doily Vases

Little project today...

We had a yard sale about a month or so ago.  I almost put these three vases in the "3/$1.00" pile, but then I thought I could do something with them.

No big deal.  Just glass vases from the floral department at walmart.  I had a purpose when I bought them, but I can't remember what that purpose was.  They look like they'd be useful, but somehow, they weren't really.

So I thought, what the heck!  I got the spraypaint out.  DH said that he'd be very surprised if it worked.  I told him to watch and learn.  ;)  Rustoleum 2x Painter's Touch was on the job.

Then I picked up three crocheted doilies from the Dollar Tree and did the Nestea Plunge onto the doily bandwagon.

First I cut out the middles...which just happened to fit perfectly on the bottom - you know, to keep these from scratching tables and all that.

note to self: don't use your good sewing scissors next time. 

so you just Mod-Podge or glue that on.  I didn't seal it.  It didn't need sealing.  It just needed to get stuck on. 
Then I put the vase right in the middle of the donut-like doily...

folded up the sides, two at a time...

and cut the corners off.

ended up with this.
Then, you do an official Mod Podge technique.  It's called the "Glop & Stick."

1. Glop it on

2. Stick it down.
Repeat until you're done.  Let dry.

Next, plant a hydrangea.  Wait a few years.  Then cut off some blooms.  Put the blooms in the vases!

Now that's something I'd actually display!  In fact, it's on the sofa table as we speak.  Not that we're speaking, exactly.

Before & After (my favorite part!)

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  1. Very cute! And your hydrangea are beautiful!

  2. I particularly like the "wait a few years" step to this project, hehe :)

  3. hee hee, I think that's my favorite part too. ;)

    And thank you - I'm super proud of my hydrangea, even though I've done next to nothing to it. Those things can make even me look like a good gardener!