Friday, July 15, 2011

Meet Maggie! ...And a note to my readers (at the end) :)

Disclaimer: (no, not really a disclaimer)

Warning: (no, not really a warning)

Ok, here it is, people: Normally, when I see a blog post about someone's "fur-babies," I keep right on clicking...away from that blog.  Well, with the exception of one blog, which I love.  :)  But here I am, posting about our little Maggie!  In my defense, we just got her.  So I had to share! 
I'd just caught her eating the cat food. 

Just look at that little face!  She's a 3yo French Bulldog - "dog people" would call her a "Frenchie."  She's such a sweet little thing.  So cuddly!  Last night she slept in the laundry basket (full of um...pre-washed? laundry) next to our bed.  (I'm in the market for a wire crate that doesn't cost more than my last car.)  Instead of barking, she snorts, and has a curly little tail...I keep reminding myself that she's a DOG, not a little piggy! 

I think we're all already in love.  :)  Let's put it this way: for the better part of our blessed decade together, I've been nagging requesting my DH to put up a clothesline for me in the backyard.  Yesterday, (10 years and 1 week later) he did it.  For MAGGIE.  So that she could have more room to run in our un-fenced yard...we hook up her tie thingy to that, and she can run all over the place.  Oh, and the wife can hang stuff out to dry on it too, I guess. 

The day he comes home with flowers for Maggie, we're gonna have to have a talk. 


Oh, and while you're here (all both of you?), I should say this: don't give up on my blog!  I totally love writing, knowing that someone besides just me is actually reading it.  And you never know when you just may be entertained.   And even though I've done absolutely nothing interesting or creative on here in, well, it seems like a while...I've got things going on behind the scenes, really I do!  It's just that - and I know I've said this before - it's summer.  When I (re) started blogging, I decided that I'd take the advice of "living life first, THEN blogging about it."  So when I go for a while without posting, it's just because I'm actually doing stuff. 

Enjoying my kids. 
Swimming with them.
Watching Netflix documentaries with the DH every night.
Zookeeping in the tee-ball dugout. 
Taking pics of the dog. 
Building stuff with my DH. 
Eating ice cream at Shaffer's. 
Letting the house go to pot. 

You know, that sort of thing. 

But I want you (seriously, 41 readers?  that is so cool!) to know that I have really enjoyed "meeting" those of you who have taken the time to comment & email.  I hope to get to know you better, and I mean that!!! 

So have a great weekend.  Thanks so much for being here!


  1. ohmygoodness! she's a cutie, and it looks like Nolan just loves her :)

  2. I personally don't mind when you take breaks! Makes me feel less guilty when there are long gaps between my posts!

  3. What a cute dog, wouldn't at her eating cat food, one of my boys tried to grab a handful of cat food when we were at a friends house!

    Blog breaks are good, family should always come first.

    Have a great weekend

  4. I understand all about blog breaks as I seem to break more than I blog.

  5. What a sweetheart! Enjoy living your life this summer! I'll still be here when you get back.

  6. Thanks for making me feel better about my hiatuses :) i definitely don't mind waiting to read what you have to say.