Sunday, August 28, 2011

High and Lows: The Winds of Change edition

Hello, long lost readers! Time for highs and lows. :) As usual, starting with the lows (so I can end on a positive note)...

1. It hit me this morning in the bathroom (most of my important thoughts come to me while in the bathroom), that starting tomorrow, life is going to change. I will be a mother of school-age children. Starting tomorrow, no more kids home with me. I can't talk about this right now! :*(

2. More personal stuff. It weighs on me heavily. BUT God is good, no matter what is going on in our lives, I truly believe that and I CLING to that. It's just the darn free will we all have that screws everything up.

3. Modern Family was not a new one. I thought it was supposed to be the season premiere this week, but I was in the wrong month. How long must I wait??? (That was a joke.) (I often make jokes to distract myself from feeling too sad.) (ha ha!)

4. I'm totally overwhelmed and feeling behind on everything I need to do.  I have a couple of things to sew for people, groceries to get, and oh, I start my new job tomorrow, which is going to take away 6 hours of my free time each day!  Don't get me wrong, I'm so thankful for this awesome job - a gift from God - but I'm nervous about how my daily life is going to change.  I think it's going to be a difficult adjustment.  I hope I'm wrong!!!

LOW AND HIGH AT THE SAME TIME: don't we all have these?
Gator Golf, anyone?
1. We had the world's most humongous "yard sale" yesterday. It wasn't really a yard sale; it was a church flea market that we paid $10 to sell at. We prepared for weeks. Borrowed a van. Got up early, dragged the kids out, feverishly set everything out...and sat there while hardly anyone came to this thing!!! Our grand total profit? Like $75 or something. SO IRRITATING. After we paid the kids (see the "high" part of this below), we split the money and DH said, "that was the most toilsome $26 I've ever made in my life." It was like in Napoleon Dynamite: "6 dollars...that's like a dollar an hour!" I love that movie. :)

Oh well. The good parts of this whole flea market debacle? I am so proud of my kids. They WORKED for this thing too! They went through their entire playroom and filled about 3 or 4 boxes of their toys that they wanted to sell. They helped me price the items. They cleaned up afterwards and were really happy that they could actually get their toy chest closed, ha ha! They got up early with us and didn't complain, and were extremely cooperative while we set up. Hardly any complaining all day long.

Another good thing is that we got rid of a lot of junk that was cluttering up our house. It ALL went to Goodwill afterward.

1. I got a kick-butt haircut this week! I love it so much.  This picture is terrible; I took it with my phone, but...
Oh, how I love my new hair!   Let me see if I can find a "before" picture...

2. I also got a new camera this week.  My "old" one (it was only 2 years old!?!) inexplicably died on me.  Right in the middle of my piping tutorial, too.  I had to use my phone for half of the pictures.  Anyway, DH kind of left the "new camera" decision up to me, but suggested that we really don't need a fancy-shmancy DSLR with the fancy-shmancy price tag.  He was right, darn it.  But in doing my "research" (not the kind they teach you in college), I found out that there is a "halfway" camera type that is in between the basic point-and-shoot and a big fancy DSLR.  For a pretty reasonable price!  I ended up getting a Fujifilm S2950.

I think of it as a sort-of "big girl" camera with training wheels.  The zoom is awesome: 18x!  And you can set some of the controls yourself if you want (fancy mysterious things like aperture, shutter speed, etc.  I barely know what all that is, but I'm slowly starting to learn), but it also has auto mode (of course), which takes really nice shots.  I'm pretty sure that this camera is smarter than I am. I've been having fun with it this week.  :)

3. A very good friend came over the other day.  I was really happy to get to see her, because next week (this week!) she is having her 3rd baby.  I cut her daughter's hair and she gave me a bunch of freshly picked local peaches.  I am so into this "bartering" thing lately!  Earlier in the week, I cut some hair in exchange for a chiropractic adjustment.  I'd never been "adjusted" before; it was great. 

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  1. Sorry about your "lows". I've had the same experience with yard sales. Now I just take it all to Goodwill. On a high note, I love your haircut.

  2. Looking gorgeous, girl!

    I'm sorry that you're still going thru the personal stuff. Just remember tomorrow is a new day, and someone in Texas is thinking of ya.

    Eek! I'm jealous of your camera! I want a new one, but darn Ava, and with her trying to die and all, I'm pretty sure paying those bills takes priority over a new camera.