Monday, August 1, 2011

Yard Sale Heaven

That's where I was this weekend.

For one thing, there were so many GOOD ones!  And such deals! 

I mean, of course there are always a few duds.  Like the lady who was selling her rubber stamps for $5, $3, and the little ones for $1.  Um, lady, this is a yard sale, not Michael's.  I don't care how much you originally over-paid for them.  You're crazy! 

Oh, and I almost got into fisticuffs with a woman who left her toddler grandchild out in the hot car, and then shrill-ly screamed at him to get back in his seat when he started to cry.  From the garage.  And then went back to her browsing.  I think flames started to shoot out of my eyeballs, and I said as assertively as I could (which is not very much), "you know, it gets really hot inside a car in this kind of weather, especially for little ones."  To which she replied, "Oh no you DIDN'T just go there!"  To which my husband replied, "Oh yes she did!"  LOL!  I thought she was going to pound me into the ground.  I am NOT THE TYPE to say things like that to strangers.  I'm really not.  But I just wanted to rescue that poor kid from that car and take him home with me, I felt so sad. 

Well, you didn't come here to hear about my escapades.  You came to view the loot, right???

I have to say, DH is the one who gets the quantity award.  Here's his stuff from the day:

Some highlights...Fisher Price Tennis, .25...some other vintage FB stuff, .25 each...vintage alpine village houses, .50...PB Kids handprint kit brand new, $1...and a lot of other stuff that he likes to buy and then sell on ebay.  It's his hobby.  :)  He did well.  But not as well as the QUEEN...!

I won't bother with pictures of all of it...I got a blacklight and "urine out" spray, brand new, for $2.  If you read my last post, you know why I need this!  I got a bunch of great books to read to the kids...quality books like A Wrinkle in Time, James and the Giant Peach, etc...for .10 each.   Two electric blankets for $1 each. 

And then there were these:
I have plans so definite in my mind, that when I look at these, I can almost see what they will look like.  I cannot wait to fix these up!  I saw them in the morning; they were $1 each.  But when I plugged them in, I found that they didn't work - it wasn't just a light bulb issue; they didn't work.  So I passed them up.  But I regretted it all morning.  So on our way back home, DH said, "oh, let's go back and get those lamps."  So we did.  And here's the best part: at that point in the day, everything at that house had been marked down to 50% off...which means I got the PAIR for $1!

Here's a cute little thing that called my name...

Here's a mirror for my son's room, $2...

And now, for the absolute best yard sale find, ever....

I spotted this dresser (put together) and asked how much it was.  The lady gave me a price.  I told her no, not the stuff sitting on top of the dresser; how much does she want for the dresser itself?  She said, "I know what you's $5.00.

$5, can you get over that???  I cannot wait to get started on this one! 

So that was our day.  One of the best things about summer!!!

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  1. How exciting! Can't wait to see the transformations!

  2. Incredible!! I can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. $5??? That is amazing! I've repainted a few of the gold trimmed pieces and they always turn out so cute. I bet it will look great!

  4. That dresser is great! $5! Yay! You'll post the final pics of it, right? Of course you will. :)

  5. amazing and cheap finds! love that style of dresser, my daughter has one similar, and I also have a similar milk glass lamp in my office, and I collect fiestaware and other vintage dishes so I would have absolutely picked up that little pitcher too.

  6. $5!! **fainting** that I've come to (lol) what an awesome deal! Wow! Also love that little blue guy you got.