Friday, May 7, 2010

Spraypaint is my FRIEND!

Oh dear me.  A church downtown had their annual rummage sale today, and Nolan & I went down for a look.  I'm just feeling kind of giddy thinking about it!  Here we go...

Pair of botanical prints...I got up to the front and asked, because there was no tag.  The lady said, "well since the frames are kind of scratched about 2 for $1.00?"    I don't know what my face looked like when she said that.  But I tried to keep it as nonchalant as I could.  "Sure, that's fine," I said with a shrug.  (!!!!!)
Candlesticks...oh, maybe .25 or .50 each pair.  I kid you not.  They are both destined for a can of spraypaint...and those wooden ones are going to get a good antiquing.  (Wouldn't they be like $50 in the Pottery Barn catalog?)  The top ones (blue matte glass - ugh!), maybe a non-shiny metallic-y something or other...
Necklaces....25 each.  You can't see them too well in the picture.  I can't wait to wear the big chunky wooden beaded one...the other two, maybe I'll wear or maybe I'll take them apart and use the beads. 
Sewing stuff...all those tapes & ric-rac trimmy things were in a bag together...I'm guessing it was a quarter or two. 

There's another church sale tomorrow, you better believe I'm going. 

Is this how the hoarders get their start?

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  1. Hoarders? Oh no, we're called frugal and clever people! :)