Thursday, May 27, 2010

Teacher gifts

Just really quick because it's 8:22 and I have to still get dressed and take Nollie to his last day of preschool - in 20 minutes - but I'm excited about his teachers' gifts this year!

Simple canvas tote bags - I think they will like them!  I wish I'd used a pattern instead of the denim, but oh well. 

I really love the green paisley one!  They could both (esp. the denim one) use a ruffle or trim of some kind, but I was up tooooooooo late doing these things, and decided to bag it.  (ha ha!  pun intended!)  The biggest challenge of this project was trying to find a place to photograph the bags that didn't show a whole bunch of mess in the background.  NOT that I'm a messy person, but we're getting ready for a yard sale tomorrow and the whole place is torn apart...will put it back together today. 

But back to the bags.  I used Wonder Under for the appliques.  I hope it holds.  I hope I wasn't supposed to sew it.  I just didn't have time, or the will to stay up any later.  Now I'm kicking myself...maybe I should have.  SIGH.  Oh well. 

Maybe I can quick get dressed and quick sew around these birdies...


  1. those are great! and I think wonder under should stay!

  2. Thanks! I did go back and top stitch anyway, though.