Thursday, May 6, 2010

Goodwill scores!

Actually, a combo of Goodwill, Salvation Army, and St. Vincent DePaul.  I love thrift stores, probably because I'm so cheap frugal.  I found a pair of Banana Republic shorts for $5.50 not too long ago.  You would never guess they were from Goodwill.  I don't buy junk, and in my defense, my kids are dressed pretty well...I kinda stay away from clothing for them at these places...well, anyway...a few recent finds from the last week or so:

Finally, we have a globe!  I've always wanted a globe.  I know that sounds funny.  But the kids like it too!  $2.99.
Picture frame - thinking I'll spraypaint it off-white and cover the inside with fabric - like a fabric bulletin board.  It would look great in my sewing/computer/crafting/book storage room!  $1.49.
Beth Moore book (I love Beth Moore, LOVE her!) - I had to beg Greg for this, because he found it and was going to sell it.  I promised him I wouldn't mess it up and he could sell it AFTER I read it.  :)  $1.
Ironstone platters & mother-of-pearl dish...altogether less than $5.  So pretty!
The fabric underneath?  A flat sheet - I think queen-sized.  I measured it and figured that there's about 5.5 yards of 44" fabric in there....$2.99.  That comes to $1.83/yard!   (...right?) 
ETA: I never claimed to be good at math, people.  Even with a calculator.  Make that .55 a yard.  Even better!!!  :)

I've gotten to the point in my life where I look at things and see "yardage."  I've been known to shop in the plus-size muumuu section of Goodwill, looking for yardage.  When I'm rich and famous someday (or just rich, that would be fine too), I'll shop at the quilt shops and buy designer fabrics.  But for now it's Joann Red Tag, and "yardage." 

OH, and this little set for Abby's room....$4.99!
SCORE!  I'm painting it right now, and irritated that it's not covering the strawberry shortcake stuff, even after priming it.  I'm spraypainting it, but I'm probably going to have to bite the bullet and roll - which means more to get out and clean up...but that's OK.  I just need to find some time.

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