Monday, May 31, 2010

How many times can I use the phrase "super cute?"

Oh my, how I love this bag.  I am going to need to make, like, a bunch more.  Starting with one for my own super-cute 6 year old.

It's kind of a composite from a couple of different super-cute tutorials, plus a little of my own tweaking.  I made it for a friend's daughter, who is super-adorable (that counts), turning 5, and loves zebra print.  Unfortunately for me, the only zebra print I have in my stash is this slippery stuff that frays like crazy and is really hard to work with.  But I made it work.  Not having a serger, I did a zigzag down each inside seam to "finish" it and keep the fraying at bay.  I hope that works!  It's lined with the slippery zebra fabric, and the super-cute outer fabric, which I totally love, was a remnant from Jo-Ann's.  Gotta love the remnant bin! I really wanted that stripey thing to be a ruffle, but I cannot explain how much of a pain that fabric was.  I didn't want to turn this into a bigger project that it needed to I bagged it.  (Sorry!  My new favorite joke.  Yes, I know it's not that funny.) But in the end, I actually really like the juxtaposition (big word) of the cotton & the silky fabrics.  And I love the contrast of the colors - super-cute!

Doesn't it look great with my cat?  I think she needs one like this. 

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