Monday, May 3, 2010

Back in the swing of things

I don't know!  I don't know what happened!  I just kinda...stopped sewing for a while.  I got on my knitting kick (which I'm still on btw), and my poor, sad, neglected sewing machine just sat there.  I guess that happens sometimes! 

Then this weekend, I had a little scare with my new-ish camera.  (I thought I'd ruined it by carelessly and repeatedly tossing it into my purse...there was no picture on the screen...but then I realized there was a googly eye stuck in the lens.  It looked really funny!)  I couldn't find the case that came with it, so out of necessity I made a cute little case...

How cute, right?  And then I was like, hmmmm, well now that I'm here, I guess I could make something else...

So I made this bag for a friend! 
It's a reversible Amy Butler Chelsea Bag (not A.B. fabric...too bad!).  I didn't use any wish that I had, because it's a little floppy, but oh well. I'm pretty tempted to keep it for myself...but I already told my friend that her bag was done, so unless I want to whip up another one by tomorrow (I don't particularly), this is hers.  

SO, now that I'm kinda back at it, I actually do have a bunch of things to do.  I'll do my best not to neglect my little blog in the future.  I have to keep my 3 followers happy!  ha ha....

OH, and by the way, I added a "subscribe" link up at the top.  You can subscribe to this, and you'll get notified whenever there's a new you don't have to 1. keep checking, and/or 2. give up on my site altogether.  Mom, if you're reading this (and I know you are!), you should look into getting a Bloglines account - it is really cool and it would be really useful for you, with your 24 million blogs that you follow. :)


  1. Rachel,
    This bag is adorable! Are you considering posting a tutorial at some point?

  2. thank you! I do love that bag. I've made several. It's so versatile! I never really thought about doing a tutorial because 1. it's from a pattern and I don't know if that would be OK...and 2. I don't think I could take all those pics while I'm working. Maybe, but I'd probably give up halfway through and just sew the rest of the thing and get it done!!!