Saturday, May 28, 2011

7 burning questions about me: ANSWERED!

"A major award!  It's a major award!" (name the movie)

Becca from from gardeners to bergers kinda made my day when she passed along the Versatile Blogger Award to me.  It's true what she said.  I do craft, sew, and cook.  What she does not know is that I also snack.  Uh-huh.  That's right, ladies, I snack.  AND, I also watch TV.  Lots of it.  Especially since we got Netflix AND a DVR within a few months of each's like TV heaven around here.  So you better believe I'm versatile!

No but really (well, yes, those things are true), but really, thanks Becca.  :)  That's sweet.  I have totally enjoyed your blog ever since I discovered it, not too long ago!

So AS a "versatile blogger" (which sounds suspiciously euphemistic for "blogger with trouble focusing," but what do I know...), my first order of business will be to share with you 7 random factoids about myself.

1. I get the jimmy legs when I fall asleep.  (So I'm told.)  (By my husband who gets kicked all night.)

2. I can pretty much recite the following quotable movies: Napoleon Dynamite, Working Girl, Back to the Future, and The Princess Bride.  I'm sure there are maybe one or two more, but I can't think of them right now.

3. I learned how to knit when I was 34 - that was last year...wait...well maybe I was 35...well anyway, I'll be 36 next week.  My point is, it's never too late to learn something new.  Not that I'm old.  I'm just saying.

4. I have skinny lips.  ARGH!  CURSE YOU, SKINNY LIPS!

5. I have sworn off texting while driving, and going to the tanning bed.  Abstaining from these things drives me crazy, but I know I'm better off for it (and so is my family).

6. I have amazing "real-life" friends.  Just a few years ago, I didn't really have that.  I was really lonely.  So I prayed to God to bring some friends into my life, just maybe one or two, and He totally poured out blessings into my life and gave me such dear friends - some of whom were praying for the exact same thing as I was!

7. I'm saving up for a laptop.  Wait, that's boring.  You don't want to know that.  Umm....oh!  LOST will always be my favorite TV show.  I have the entire series on DVD and watch it occasionally to stave off the withdrawal symptoms.

So there you go!  And for my next order of are 5 blogs I've recently discovered that I really like.  They are awesome.  I'm sure they've all already gotten this award, but whatever.

1. Life, Crafts, and Whatever - Hi-la-ri-ous.  this girl is so funny!  We could hang in real life.  If we lived near each other.  Which I don't think we do.

2. The Joys of Life with Lucy - Um, yeah, she introduced me to apples + peanut butter + nutella.  So she's definitely on my short list.  The good one.

3.  Sew Sweetness - Amazing.  Just amazing.  Sewing talent galore.  I will be joining some of her sewalongs this summer.  Can't wait!

4. Oh Mandie - I actually know this girlie in real life!  She is such a beautiful person, and our boys are buddies in Sunday school.  Next year she will be the creative activities director for our MOPS group.  I totally can't wait to see what she comes up with!

5. Maybe Matilda - if ever I had a "blog crush," it would be on Maybe Matilda.  I know that sounds weird.  But just go to her blog and see what I mean.  Awesome!  Love her!

So there you go!  Stuff about me and the blogs I read!

Oh, and btw, Blogger has not been rather temperamental this evening, so if any of you newly-crowned versatile bloggers see this and are like, "hey, where's my comment?", I tried!

I need a snack.


  1. Awwww, you are too sweet! Reading your post made me smile. Figured I needed a break from cursing the AC unit that is giving up problems. Again. For the second year in a row. I'm, like, 98% sure we bought a brand new house, and yet, every year, the AC unit gives us problems as soon as it starts getting hot. Lamesauce. And I live in Dallas, which I'm sure is a ways off from PA (geography is my weakness) but come on over anyway.

  2. Thanks, lady! You are so nice! I love your quotable movies . . . all worth learning by heart ;-) (except that I've never seen Working Girl . . . I'll have to check that out) And texting while driving? I'm sure I'd be a menace too, if we even had texting. I've only ever sent, like, 3 texts, and they took me like 10 minutes to type :-) I'm gonna go check out your other bloggy friends!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  3. Rachel! Thanks so much for the award. It is my first! You are so sweet. I have to say, we should be friends. I too have the jimmy legs, like no other. I too just learned to knit. I too hate my skinny lips AND love any quotable movie or tv show. AND the tanning bed and texting while driving are 2 habits I've forcefully given up.... mostly because I live in a country where both aren't an option, BUT when I go back to America, I'm going to let you inspire me to do neither. Thanks friend.
    I'm glad I could introduce you to Nutella & PB with apples.

  4. Oh my gosh! WOW! You are so WONDERFUL!!! (also, I took a look at all the other blogs you listed and they are really cool!) That is so funny that you kick your husband in your sleep. :-) Thank you again, you floored me and made my day :-

  5. My blogger has been wonky for the past week or so, but I can finally comment on other blogs again, so yay!!

    Thank ya much for the bloggy award! I never win anything, so it's certainly a sweet sweet win :)

    And oh my goodness, isn't Netflix the best invention on earth!