Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Welcome to the sewing room, lil brother

For Mothers' Day, I received an unexpected surprise...a humongous box on my front porch!  And it was heavy, too!  I racked my brain trying to remember if I'd bought anything online lately...I mean, I think I would remember...I was pretty sure I hadn't.  Nothing that big anyway.  Seriously, I could have curled up and fit in this box.  So I dragged it inside, tore it open, and...

My sweet in-laws had gotten me a new sewing machine.  I had no words!  It's a Brother CS6000i.  I've already taken to calling it the "CSI."  Like the tv show.  ;)  

So naturally, I went and sewed some things, including these nightgowns that you may recognize!

And played and played with all the way-cool bells and whistles on this thing:

Check out all the stitches...

And do you know what this is, and why it's so awesome?
That would be a drop-in bobbin.  Great for when I teach Abs how to use the machine - really use it.  But the best part?  YOU CAN SEE WHEN YOU'RE ABOUT TO RUN OUT OF THREAD DOWN THERE!  Can I get a whoop-whoop?  Why don't they ALL have this? 

Three speeds...I of course love the fastest one (which is really fast), while I can set it to the slowest one (which is really slow!) for Abby.  She's becoming quite the little sew...er.  Sewist.  Seamstress.

AND, it comes with one of these things for when you're doing big projects.  I'm guessing it would be handy for quilters, which I am not.  Yet.

Snowy likes it too.  She's like, "hmm, that looks like a new machine."  Actually, it's probably more like, "mmm, thread.  I want some."
Yes, our mostly black cat is named Snowy.  Please don't ask me to explain.  
Oh.  AND, you would not believe how lightweight this machine is.  AND it comes with a hard case.  Which means it will be perfect for when I need to travel with it.  Oh.  AND, when I do finally take the plunge into quilting...the CSI comes with a walking foot and some quilting attachment thingy that looks like the metal thing they wedge into your mouth at the dentist while taking x-rays.  I sincerely hope I don't have to use it like that at home, or my quilting stint (whenever it may begin) will be a short-lived one.

So, in short, the CSI is a welcome addition to my sewing room!  Thanks, Bonnie!  :)


  1. Congratulations!! how exciting to receive something like this by surprise! I have a Brother also, and I loooove it. That drop in bobbin is awesome! Does yours cut the thread itself too? I couldn't live without mine!

  2. I congratulate the gift. Very professional sewing machine. sewing on it must be pure pleasure:))

  3. What a lovely new machine and I agree drop in bobbins are the best!