Thursday, May 26, 2011

Goodwill Hunting

Some recent Goodwill finds...
1. This desk organizer.  Apparently I have a thing for these.  This one was 1.99.  It's actually plastic.

A thorough scrubbing and a quick coat of spray paint later...

I may or may not put a coat of Ralph Lauren tea stain on it...that was my original plan.  But right now it looks so clean & pretty; I really like it the way it is.  What do you think?  Glaze?  Or leave it?

2. This tray.  Don't know what I'm gonna do with it yet, but it was .99.  It's plastic, too.

3. This pile of sheets.  I love thrifted sheets.  Major yardage, pre-shrunk, pre-softened, cute designs.  What's not to love?

I have more plans for these...but for now, I've made my dearest darling daughter two nightgowns:

I totally love the striped one!  For one thing, it's the ever-so-trendy chevron pattern that is all over the place these days.  Also, it reminds me of Fruit Stripes gum.  Remember that?

And by the way, thanks to my sweet little guy, Nolan, for the title of this post. As we were sitting at breakfast this morning, somehow something came up in conversation (between DH & I) about something that was 99 cents. Out of the blue, Nolan said, "If you had three of those, it would cost $2.97." We just stared at him. I tried to do some math in my head. What the...? Did I mention that Nolan is 5??? Good Will Hunting. That kid is destined for a janitor's job at MIT someday. And the good looks, too! Matt Damon has nothing on my little guy. :)

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  1. Great finds! The organiser looks great, can't tell its plastic, those night gowns are so cut!

  2. Wow, you really hit it big! I love the organizer! Pretty impressive stuff!

  3. That organizer transformation is fantastic! Love the nightgowns too! I used to love fruit stripe gum. Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!

  4. Rachel, love the organizer. Check out this link for a cute as can be tray idea.....maybe would work for your tray? I really want to try it someday.

    Boy your kids are certainly a little Rachel and a little Greg. So sweet!

  5. Perfect Title! I just saw your feature on a Little Tipsy. I also just found that exact same organizer two weeks ago at my local thrift store for $1 and grabbed it with the intention of painting it. I'm so glad you shared how cute it turned out. I can't wait to paint mine. I also love your nightgowns. I've been wanting to make matching girl and doll gowns and I'll have to browse the thrift store next time for sheets. Brilliant!

  6. your idea of recyling something into a different mood is such a brilliant thing...that simple gown brings out her cutie smile..:)

  7. wonderful finds! I have a couple of those mail organizers too. So many uses for them. I am your newest follower!

  8. Nolan is amazing! Expect exciting things from him!

  9. I love what you did with that organizer! And if I had any sewing ability, I'd be sewing up a storm too! Cute nightgown!

  10. Thanks everyone! Funny, ever since that organizer, I've been on such a spraypaint kick. My DH & kids better not stand still for too long. :)

  11. LOVE the desk organizer. I bought the same one at an estate sale. I painted mine red. Love the clean white though. AND, I love the vintage sheets - agreed ont eh chevron "fruit stripe" sheet. Too cute!!

  12. Loooove seeing what other people thrift. That organizer looks great the way it is. I'm not sure what that tea stain effect is, so I say leave it as is! And the stripy PJs--so cute! Is that from a pattern, or did you just wing it?