Thursday, May 12, 2011

I don't play the lottery...

...and I rarely enter blog giveaways.  Because I never win!  (Can you hear the world's tiniest violin playing?)

But I couldn't resist entering this of my followers, Margaret of Hearts & Home, (whose blog is totally awesome, btw), is having a "Singer 'Sew Very Easy' House Party." 

That would be Singer, the sewing brand, not like, people who are singers.  Then I couldn't enter the giveaway.  I mean, I can sing I guess, but not like a solo or anything.  I didn't get any of the lead roles in any musical I ever auditioned for in high school.  I'm sure it was because I couldn't sing a solo.  OK, now I'm feeling upset and slightly bitter...but I digress. 

That would have been a good name for my blog.  "But I Digress."  I seem to say that a lot.  I seem to DO that a lot. 


How did I miss this?  A sewing house party?  How cool!  And if I'm randomly picked to win, I'll get all kinds of cool sewing supplies that I can't seem to stay away from when I go into the candy shop Jo-Ann's.  But for once, it would have no negative effect on my bank account.  Cool. 

Of course, I have to be randomly picked to win by some robot computer thingy.  So (cue the violin!) it'll probably never happen.  But I'm glad to have found Margaret and her blog, because in addition to gaining a follower (yay!), I have gained YET ANOTHER blog that I enjoy following, too!  Like I need any more.  But that's OK.  :)

So, normally I guess I'd encourage you to go over there and enter the giveaway, but then that would decrease my chances of actually winning. what your conscience tells you.  ;)  Just kidding.  Sort of.  No really, just kidding.  Sort of. 

I think I need some chocolate.  Is it too early for that?

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  1. Congrats I used and you were the winner!

    Send me your mailing info and I will get your box out to you.