Saturday, August 4, 2012

Crazy stuff happening!

Hey guys,

This weekend I will be working on moving my blog over to a new address (yeah!) ...hopefully WITHOUT losing a whole bunch of links, friends, and all that stuff.  

WISH ME LUCK.  I'm not the most tech-savvy person in the world.  But I am possibly the cheapest person in the world, which is why I'm attempting to do this myself instead of letting a professional handle it.  Haha.  If it all goes horribly wrong, I think it'll be OK because I've backed everything up...

IF YOU ARE NOT GETTING ANY NEW POSTS in your reader or email by Monday, then make sure you click through from here to my blog and you'll be re-directed to my new one.  You'll want to update your RSS/email subscriptions, probably...I'm not quite sure if I can do that for you or not.  

Anyway, things could get a little weird for a few days!  Just so you know.  Hang in there with me, by Monday it should all be good.  :) 


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