Monday, August 6, 2012

New Blog, New Focus

Hi everyone!  Don't be confused!  :)  This past weekend I changed my blog from Pleased as Punch to

I'm really happy with the name change and new(ish) look; I think it's definitely what I needed.  I needed a fresh outlook on what I'm doing here!  If you've been with me for a while, you remember that I took an indefinite blogging hiatus right after Christmas last year.  Well when I came back in May, I knew I wanted to continue blogging, but it wasn't really the same.  I kind of had to find my "groove" all over again. 

One of the things I've learned is that I don't want to get caught up in all the things that aren't really "me" again.  I found myself doing projects for the sake of some link party...and that just totally sapped all my creativity and enjoyment out of crafting!  I eventually found myself totally "on empty" in the inspiration department.  What a bummer.  I remember when I couldn't find time to do all the things I was inspired to do.  I am slowly getting back to having that good flow of creativity, and I think the key is knowing what I truly LOVE to do & what feeds my creative spirit.  (I know that sounds kind of funny, coming from me...I'm not much of a "feed my creative spirit, kum-ba-ya" type of person...but that's the best way to put it I think!  Don't make fun!)  :)

So what is that, you ask?  I really pondered this, but it did not take long.  Sewing, hand embroidering, knitting & crocheting.  This is what I find most relaxing and enjoyable.  Picking up some knitting is sort of like biting into some really good dark chocolate for me.  It just feels so good.  Putting a needle & thread through some fabric and seeing those lines form...I just love it.  It seems that anything involving stitching is what I tend to gravitate toward....hence my new blog name.  :)

If you've been subscribing via email to my posts, I think you may want to make sure you update your subscription (on the right) by re-subscribing to this feed...and if you've been reading this in a reader, you may want to change it over to this new blog address...clearly I know & understand very little about "feeds"...ugh, all this tech stuff.  Bottom line: if you're reading this, and you're like, "Hey!  Why wasn't this in my reader/email?"  then you should re-subscribe by using the buttons or email form on the right. Sorry to not streamline it for you.  It was all I could do to get the buttons THERE.  ;)

So...that's that!  Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad to have you here!

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  1. It came over seamlessly to my reader - so glad to see you again! :)