Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Weekly Loot: Check out my new wheels!

I would call this a great day of yard sales! 

Usually, I choose one day each weekend to go with DH, because we feel kinda guilty dragging the kids around with us for hours.  So we limit that to only once a week.  ;)  Goodness knows we've already given them enough to talk about in their future therapy sessions; we don't need to add "endless yard sales" to the list.

Anyway, it's been busy, and they've been getting to bed later than usual this week, so I wasn't actually planning to go at all this weekend.  But we were all up early this morning, and I asked them each, on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being "so bummed out I just can't stand it") how they would feel if we went to yard sales this morning.  They were both under 5.  I took that as a "let's do this thing!" and away we went. 

First house, got some baskets.  I'm always looking for cute things to put stuff in, and I think these will be handy in my sewing room:
Normally I would offer less, but it was first thing in the morning.  I just hesitate to do that when it's right when they open...

A few houses later, got some jewelry!  So cute.  I love these earrings!  PLUS, it just so happens that I knew the girl whose house it was, so I didn't feel squeamish buying them from her.  (Of course I'll still alcohol-ize them!  For those of you who are worried.  Mom.)  ;)
Found these Sbux mugs, like we don't have enough mugs...
$1 each, with boxes!  There were two.

This one was .25, with no box.  Anyone know how to clean this?  (That's ink.)
Also at this sale, I got some Pilates DVDs for .50 each.  I've been a fan of Pilates ever since I learned that the Olympic women beach volleyball players do it.  Have you seen those abs?  That's endorsement enough for me. 

Next up, some glass Christmas balls:

The whole box was $1.  I only really wanted these two, though.  Love!!!
Oh, and some butterfly nets, .25 each, for the kids.  They have been on a bug-collecting kick this summer.

So I spent a total of $7.75.  That's actually more than I usually spend!  I think I blew it on the baskets.  I shouldn't have paid more than $1.50.  AND looking back, I wish I would have offered .50 for the two ornaments, instead of taking the whole box.  Oh well.

So we were on our merry way home, when we spotted THIS at a sale in our own neighborhood:
A bike!  For me!
I have been in the market for a bike for about half the summer.  Of course, ever since I decided to get one, they all seemed to disappear from the yard sales.  But today my luck changed!  DH pointed out that it has a "nice" water bottle I could drink from...
Looks, uh......refreshing.
So I checked it out, and wonder of wonders, the frame is actually MY SIZE, and it looked pretty nice!  I was going to offer $20 for it.  And then a little voice in my head said to ask the lady how much she wanted for it.  Well I'm glad I did because she only wanted $15! 

So that was the morning for me.  Not too shabby!  What about you?  Did anyone else do well at the sales this weekend?

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  1. Wow! Great finds and wonderful prices! thank you for sharing at TTF and have a terrific weekend!

  2. Great finds! Spray a little hairspray on the ink in the coffee cup and it should dissolve in a flash!

  3. Hey I'm Rachel and I'm a new follower!
    Sometimes I wish I didn't live in the city. We don't really have cool things like yard sales!

  4. Love that basket with the 50 cent tag. Been looking for one like that. Lucky you. Great bike find! I'm visiting from Thrifty Things Friday and am your newest follower. If you get a chance, would love it if you would stop by and see what I found.

  5. Nice finds. The butterfly earrings are so cute.

  6. Hi! I am back to let you know that I will be featuring this post in this weeks TTF. I hope you will join again and stop by to get your "I was featured" button for your blog! The party will go live today at (EST) 4:00. Have a fantastic day!