Sunday, August 5, 2012

Highs and Lows: "Date Night Before 8am" Edition

Hey everyone!  It's Sunday, and we went to church last night (yeah for Saturday night service!), and I'm sitting here procrastinating on making my grocery hey, why not do a Highs and Lows?  ;)  (This used to be a link party thing, but I don't think Jen is doing it anymore...but I still like to.)

I like to start with the Lows so I can end on a positive note...although I'm happy to say this week there weren't many lows...

1. Well, actually....really no specific lows this week.  I guess my only complaint would have to be the Dealing With the Bickering Children, what seems like every day.  Not all day every day, but at least once every day they get into it with each other.  It is so tiring to listen to.  I busted out a mini-lecture this morning and at present they are both playing individually and everything seems fine.  It's's like watching me & DH in them...SHE wants to play and do stuff, and HE needs his space.  SHE gets frustrated and tries to force him to do stuff, and HE digs in his heels and refuses.  Eventually one of them resorts to physical force (uh, that's where the similarities end!) and the tattle-taleing begins.  Depending on my mood/state of mind, I deal with it in varying degrees of "good mom-ness."  I'm really trying to not just yell every time...that really doesn't do any good.

HIGHS this week:

1. The kids went to day camp for the first time.  They had SUCH a blast and it was really awesome to hear them talk nonstop about their days when they'd get home.  We will definitely be sending them again next year.  I think it's so good for them.  And at the closing program (where they sing songs & do skits for us), each counselor chose one kid from their group to have the team flag - this was for the kid who was the "most encouraging" to the other kids.  And my little guy got the flag for his kindergarten group.  :)  I was so proud of him. 

2. SINCE the kids were in day camp every day, DH & I got to go out Friday morning and do the yard sales till our hearts' content, without having to cut it short because we feel guilty dragging the kids around with us.  We had such a great time.  Yard sale-ing is sort of like our "date night."  A date night that starts at 7:45 am, and I don't have to do my hair or pay for a sitter. 

3. I got my blog switched over, yay!  Gilbert Street do you like it?  :)  I think the name change is what it needed.  AND I did it without having to purchase a domain name, which I'm not sure I want to do right now...AND without losing all my content, links & friends.  I did it by following the most AWESOME step-by-step instructions over at this techie person's site. 

OH and here's a question:  I did the design myself (not that there's much to it...) and it looks great on my laptop.  But when I view my blog on our "main" desktop computer, my header (the yellow part) is all off-center and it looks bad.   -Insert Nancy Kerrigan "WHYYYYYYY?" here-  does it look bad on YOUR computer?  Can anyone tell me how to fix this so that it looks centered on ALL screens?  That would be super....

Well that's it for me this week!  Soaking up the last bits of summer with the kiddos....sigh.  I love summer.

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  1. I think your blog looks great! It's wonderful on my computer at least!