Thursday, August 16, 2012

UFO Sightings in My House

Oh man, do I have a lot of UFO's around here.

That's UnFinished Objects.

UFO #1: The African Flower Blanket
I came across this post from a fellow blogger (also named Rachel!) and it reminded me of my OWN in-progress blanket.  Started in March 2012 (so, at least we're still in the same year).  I was going strong for a while, crocheting my little heart out, and then I ran out of yarn.  Of course I couldn't have just made my own life easier from the start by using acrylic yarn from the craft store.  Oh, no.  I had to order from KnitPicks.  (I'm using Swish Worsted, if you're wondering!  Superwash's gonna be nice and soft, if I ever finish it!)   

Anyway, here's what's done so far:
Did I really do all of these?  Do I really have MORE to do still???
Looks like a big stack of Krabby Patties.
All 6 colors here.
In case you're wondering, I'm making 120 flowers.  Using 6 colors, in every possible color and "order" combo without duplicating.  I figured it out one day, and made a big list and I cross them off as I go.  That's as close to math nerd-dom as I'll probably ever get.  93 down; 27 to go.  It's not the last 27 that worry me; it's having to somehow join them all together that I find daunting.  I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. 

I'd say I have a long road a-ho.  Or a long row to hoe.  What is that phrase???

UFO #2: The Cabled Throw Pillow Cover

10 points to whoever can spot the mistake.  ;)

mmmmmmm, cables.
The sad part is, I have all the yarn right here.  And I already did the "hard" part (not that cables are hard...they only look hard!) All I have left to do is the back, in plain ol' stockinette.  And with size 11 (or 13? can't remember) needles, this thing goes really, really fast.  If I'd just finish it!

UFO #3: The Stripe Study Shawl

Can't wait to get this off the needles and all stretched out into its stripey glory!
Do you like my stitch markers?  I made them!
Asymmetrical stripes, yet so easy to do.  I could not love a pattern more.
 I love, love, love, love, LOVE this wrap.  LoveLOVE.  The pattern is awesome.  (It is, in fact, the first and only pattern I have ever actually paid for.)  It is unbelievably easy.  It is the perfect project to work on anywhere - watching TV, in waiting rooms, etc, because it's all garter stitch.  No concentration necessary!  I have no excuse.  I just lost steam.  And the rows are super-long at the last 4 inches, which is where I'm at.  The home stretch!  I really want to finish it before the weather gets chilly, which will be sooner than I want to think.

So that's it for me...what UFO's (knitted or otherwise) do YOU have floating around your house?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Linking.  It's what I do.

Creative Kristi


  1. I just love that throw pillow! it's such a nice way to warm up the couch in cooler months.

  2. I have too many UFOs here than I want to admit. It seems like the only way I get things actually done is if I have a deadline of some sort.

    Totally love the colors that you made the African flower blanket out of....please post a pic when you finish:-) Good luck!

    1. I may have to make some deadlines for myself too! And yes, I will definitely post the finished blanket when I'm done. Aren't those colors fun? I was going to plan it all out and use just 3 coordinating colors, but then I thought hey, it's an afghan. So I picked a bunch of bright colors and went to town. :)

  3. He, he, UFO!
    And I just did my first project with granny squares.
    I just wrote about this mniędzy other in yesterday's post.
    Now I learn hexagonal shapes, but not very good for me to quit.
    You're a busy bee :)))

  4. Um, Can I just say that I want your cable knit pillow cover when you are done? and one in heather grey too? :) hehe Thanks so much for linking up this week! I hope to see you again next week!
    @ Creative Kristi